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Dialogic® D/41JCT-LS Media Board

Datasheet JCT Media Boards

Springware/JCT Technical Specifications

Facsimile Fax compatibility

Maximum Data rate

Variable speed selection Transmit data modes

Receive data modes File data formats ASCII-to-fax conversion

Error correction Image widths

Image scaling Polling modes

Image resolution

Fill minimization

Audio Signal Receive range Automatic gain control

Silence detection Transmit level (weighted average) Transmit volume control

Frequency Response

24 kbit/s 32 kbit/s 48 kbit/s 64 kbit/s

ITU-T G3 compliant (T.4, T.30) ETSI NET/30 compliant

    • 14.4

      kbit/s (v.17) send

    • 9.6

      kbit/s (v.29) receive

Automatic step-down to 12,000 bit/s, 9600 bit/s, 7200 bit/s, 4800 bit/s, and lower

Modified Huffman (MH) Modified Read (MR)

MH, MR Tagged Image File Format-Fax (TIFF-F) for transmit/receive MH and MR

Host-PC-based conversion Direct transmission of text files Windows fonts supported Page headers generated automatically

Detection, reporting, and correction of faulty scan lines

1728 pixels 2048 pixels 2432 pixels

Automatic horizontal and vertical scaling between page sizes

Normal Turnaround

Normal (203 pels/in. × 98 lines/in.; 203 pels/2.54 cm × 98 lines/2.54 cm) Fine (203 pels/in. × 196 lines/in.; 203 pels/2.54 cm × 196 lines/2.54 cm)

Automatic fill bit insertion and stripping

  • 40 dBm to +2.5 dBm0 nominal, configurable by parameter**

Application can enable/disable Above –18 dBm0 results in full-scale recording, configurable by parameter**

  • 40 dBm nominal, software adjustable**

  • 9.5 dBm0 nominal, configurable by parameter**

40 dB adjustment range, with application-definable increments, capped according to country-specific regulations

300 Hz to 2600 Hz ±3 dB 300 Hz to 3400 Hz ±3 dB 300 Hz to 2600 Hz ±3 dB 300 Hz to 3400 Hz ±3 dB


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