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Dialogic® D/41JCT-LS Media Board

Datasheet JCT Media Boards

Audio Digitizing 13 kbit/s 24 kbit/s 32 kbit/s 32 kbit/s 48 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Digitization selection Playback speed control

DTMF Tone Detection DTMF digits Dynamic range Minimum tone duration Interdigit timing

Twist and frequency variation Noise tolerance Cut-through Talk-off

Global Tone Detection

Tone type Maximum number of tones Frequency range Maximum frequency deviation Frequency resolution Timing Dynamic range

Global Tone Generation

Tone type Frequency range Frequency resolution Duration Amplitude

GSM 6.10 @ 8 kHz sampling 4-bit OKI ADPCM @ 6 kHz sampling 4-bit OKI ADPCM @ 8 kHz sampling

  • G.

    726 @ 8 kHz sampling

  • G.

    711 µ-law PCM @ 6 kHz sampling

  • G.

    711 µ-law PCM @ 8 kHz sampling

Selectable by application on function call-by-call basis

Pitch controlled Available for 24 kbit/s and 32 kbit/s data rates Adjustment range: ±50% Adjustable through application or programmable DTMF control

  • 0

    to 9, *, #, A, B, C, D per Telcordia LSSGR Sec 6

    • 38 dBm0 to –3 dBm0 per tone, configurable by parameter**

40 ms, can be increased with software configuration

Detects like digits with a >40 ms interdigit delay Detects different digits with a 0 ms interdigit delay

Meets Telcordia LSSGR Sec 6 and EIA 464 requirements Meets Telcordia LSSGR Sec 6 and EIA 464 requirements for Gaussian, impulse, and power line noise tolerance Local echo cancellation permits 100% detection with a >4.5 dB return loss line

Detects less than 20 digits while monitoring Telcordia TR-TSY-000763 standard speech tapes (LSSGR requirements specify detecting no more than 470 total digits)

Detects zero (0) digits while monitoring MITEL speech tape #CM 7291

Programmable for single or dual Application-dependent Programmable within 300 Hz to 3500 Hz Programmable in 5 Hz increments ± 5 Hz. Separation of dual-frequency tones is limited to 62.5 Hz at a signal-to-noise ratio of 20 dB Programmable cadence qualifier, in 10 ms increments Programmable, default set at –6 dBm0 to –3 dBm0 per tone

Generate single or dual tones Programmable within 200 Hz to 4000 Hz 1 Hz 10 ms increments Programmable within –43 dBm0 to –3 dBm0 per tone


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