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this sense of judge and avenger, and to him binding oaths are made. He is invoked as "the god who binds" the binding power of words and oaths, the spell-binding power of eloquence, so graphically portrayed by the thin golden chains by which he leads his listeners, in the scene described by Lucian. This ability to persuade, convince, and enchant with words was highly regarded in Celtic society, and a part of the training of Bard, Filidh, and Druid alike. LeRoux speculates that the "magic of Ogham" that Cuchulainn used in the Tain Bo Cuailnge to stop, single handed, the advance of the Connaught army, was not supernatural magic, but persuasion, or eloquent diplomacy and playing for time.

Thus, Oghma is the one to invoke in negotiations, when eloquent speech and persuasive ability are needed.

Oghmic Incantation Here is an incantation to an Oghma like figure of "Sun-like Countenance" from the Scottish oral folk tradition. The Preceptor has used it and gives testimony of its utility.

The litigant went at morning dawn to a place where three streams met. And as the rising sun gilded the mountain crests, the man placed his two palms edgeways together and filled them with water from the junction of the streams. Dipping his face into this improvised basin, he fervently repeated the prayer,

Ionnlaidh mise m'aodann 'S na naodh gatha greine, Mar a dh'ionnlaid Moire a Mac Am bainne brac na breine. Gaol a bhi 'na m'aodann, Caomh a bhi 'na m'ghnuis, Caora meala 'na mo theanga, M'anail mar an tuis. Is dubh am bail ud thall, Is dubh daoine th'ann; Is mis an eala bhan, Banruinu os an ceann. Falbhaidh mi an ainme Dhe, An riochd feidh, an riochd each, An riochd nathrach, an riochd righ: Is treasa lion fin na le gach neach.

I will wash my face In the nine rays of the sun, As Mary washed her Son* In the rich fermented milk. Love be in my countenance,


Benevolence in my mind, Dew of honey in my tongue, My breath as the incense. Black is yonder town, Black are those therein, I am the white swan, Queen above them.

I will travel in the name of God, In likeness of deer, in likeness of horse, In likeness of serpent, in likeness of king: Stronger will it be with me than with all persons.

*A later introjection which does not rhyme.

News of the Groves Carleton Grove: News from Minnesota

The grove here at Carleton is mostly silent these days, empty not only of animals and seasonal plants, but also of students. Before leaving for the term, we had a sweat and a fun anonymous sealed message distribution day. We also got a mysterious letter asking for the attendance of "The Chief Druid" of the grove at a store opening in London. All goes well, except that our exorcism of the White House seems to have had only limited effect.

Stephen Crimmins has completed his editing of the second edition of Druid Chronicles (Evolved) and is reviewing Richard Shelton's "Carleton Druid Compendium".

Digitalis Grove: News from D.C.

Mike has decided, failing the acquisition of a cushy Federal job by April, to relocate to South Korea next summer and teach English there from July 2005-July 2006, perhaps longer on the EPIK program. He invites you to join him, if you're interested in working in the same city with him.

After finishing ARDA 2's third and last volume with Stacey (NRDNA Magazines 1976-2004), Mike wishes to go out on new adventures overseas where the cooking is better, and Republicans are scarce. He will study local religion and get a better feel for Northeast Asian politics on the side. Most likely, a new Grove will be established, the irst in Korea; much like the Akita and Shikoku Grove were established during his stay in Japan from 1996-2000.

Rowan-Oak Grove: News from Tulsa, OK

With the arch-druidess finally getting her financial life back under control we were able to turn our attention once again to the needs of the grove. the decision was made to start a culdee sect study group within the grove since so many members were christo pagan, and were interested in exploring this aspect of druidism. showings at our rituals have been almost nil unless the arch-druidess was putting on a feast anyway so for the time being we are exploring other avenues. for the past two saturdays our culdee group has been doing studies from a antique bible reading for the home study group book given to me by my erstwhile mentor myrddin a maeglin and we pick apart the scriptures going back to the hebrew, arramaic or greek to find the connotations found in the origional languages. everyone has remarked that doing so has given them a new perspective on what was really written. we have also discussed the evolution of the early church history, both in rome and in the british isles and how the two christian sects differed enormously and the influence of the druids on both. this has been an interesting class

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