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and will probably evolve into a full seminar for our students seeking the priesthood. AS for yule itself while nothing specific is planned we might try learning some of the older pagan carols and do a bit of caroling- if anyone actually shows the interest in doing it. the change over to sis crystal as vp of the board of directors, sis erika as head of corn maiden society helped enormously, bro velderonne and bro thomas are alternating as our summoners and everyone else retained former positions in the board of directers. sis m.s. sylver catt was raised to eldership at samhain, she heads our wagner grove and has more than earned this elevation. secretary bro m.c. werebear and the arch- druidess m.s. white raven have joined a peace activist group and have become involved in helping to end the war in our own small fashion. oops gotta run, got a member online who is trying to stop someone from oding. back into counselor mode.

healing light and peace m.s. white raven

Dravidia Grove: News from Indiana

Hello all,

It is once again that time of study and that is what I have been doing with my time. I did manage to see a few raccoons out back last night. There were a total of 5 of them playing around the yard. The weather has not turned too cold yet, but it is cold enough to put a damper on your outdoor plans. We had a fantastic Samhain, and a few good scares by hiding under the pile of leaves in the front yard. Have some really good video shots of it that went back to England with my Brother-in-law.

Enjoy the changing of the leaves.


Canine Grove: News from Oregon

I am still a wandering Druid wannabe in the watery clutches of western Oregon. I foresee a damp solitary ritual out in the woods begging the sun king to hurry up and return! Also, this diehard single woman finally consented to a proposal of marriage after forty-five years of happily traipsing about on this planet on her various errant adventures. (Besides, who can say no to getting hitched at the Church of Elvis?!)

Bindi, somewhere in the vicinity of Portland, OR

Sierra Madrone California




We at the Sierra Madrone Grove are planning two events to mark our "Season of Sleep". We are planning a large public Yule Gathering to be held Dec 17th at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Sierra Dr in Sacramento. The Event will start at 7:00 pm. We will also be holding a private Hogmanay Celebration on Dec 31 to mark the New Year.

Sean Mac Dhomhnuill Sierra Madrone Grove

Sunset Proto-Grove: News from California

It is the season of sleep. Every day now, I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. I only really see the sun on the weekends. This really brings the seasons true self out for me. It's these months when I don’t really get to see the beauty of our


earth daily, that make the spring so wondrous. I concentrate now on catching up on projects in the house. Updating scrapbooks, decorating for Yule, continuing to try and fill the empty spaces still present in our new home, in an effort to bring the 'cozy' feeling into every room. Cooking more hot meals now. A roast in the oven, a stew simmering on the stove...baking.

The cozy feeling I search to create for my family is much like a warm nurturing womb in the dark season. And in the spring we open the windows. Dust, clean, sort, store, sell. Opening the house to the newly emerging season and the light.

Lovely the circle of life. "...Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons,

It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth."

  • Walt Whitman

Best Wishes to all-


Poison Oak Grove, News from California Publisher of "A Druid Missal-Any"

Our Samhain Social was celebrated this year in the ArchDruidess' new house. We sent a place for those who have gone on before, putting on that plate a bit of everything from our feast. When dessert time came and everyone got a piece of the AD's specialty, persimmon pudding, our Server, who was seated next to the "empty" place setting proclaimed, "I don't know who is sitting there, but he sure wants that cake!" Later that night the AD set the plate outside for the spirits. In the morning everything was still there, except for the persimmon pudding!

Call to the Morrigan

By Morag NicBride, Server, Poison Oak Grove

Asking help of gods has always been an uncertain business: how do you know when you are answered, or even heard? Who is listening, and what allows one cry to be heeded, and not another?

And what happens to one's system of rational thought when it seems a call has been answered, not by the modern accepted version of God, but by something much older and more dangerous?

At a grove service in early June, I made a request for help. My neighborhood, a small, quiet Oakland street near San Leandro, was under siege from a band of young men who had attached themselves to the household directly across the street

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