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checking and tweaking the illustration and layout of the final Magazine Volume of ARDA 2, by Oimelc. Stephen and I are also putting out two commemorative volumes of mid-1970s RDNA materials this winter. After that I promise not to print any more books, but I am releasing a Druid movie DVD called "Gatorr" this winter, and judging a Bardic Contest too.

I've ordained Joss Badger in Texas this month, and he has in turn ordained Lydia from Oklahoma City, so the RDNA now has a southwestern presence. I heard about the ordination of Ian Hill and Will Reckner at Carleton, so I am now feeling easier about the continuation of Druidism there.

Eurisko Grove: News from Indiana

In our grove at this time of year, we ritually celebrate the fall of the green man & the return of the horned god. this is similar to the wiccan oak king/holly king battle. but it seems more fitting to us to have this battle that causes the seasons to change to occur on the equinoxes a time when both are in balance for a moment then one gains the upper hand.

the reverse happens at the spring equinox. cernunnos and his creatures are associated with the winter solstice yet cannot just appear there. like all things cyclical there needs to be an ascent, climax decent of power, energy & symbolism.

for us ivy is the link that is associated with both. we even try to spend part of the season of mabon looking for unintended images of them in such as robin hood or a wild herdsman.

we closed with the a final appearance of the green man in a secluded wood, in which we hope to meet a presence that we could only call herne, the lord of the forest.

not sure how, if at all, this fits in with most druid's interpretation of the season, or in interpretation of previous RDNA established materials, but wanted to try to share it with you all anyway.

Gwydion eurisko grove an rdna proto-grove

Hemlock Splinters Grove: News from New York

Grove activity at Hemlock Splinters has been hampered by the purchase of a home many miles from our grove site. Bonfires continue, but not on the scale they once did. Irony and Omen have just published _Rising Sea_ a collection of mostly Celtic harp and flute music, available from the grove (irony@starmind.org), or at CDBaby.com. Irony has also returned to full-time student status at the school for Environmental Science and Forestry, where he is quietly trying to create photosynthetic humans. Anyone with ideas in this regard is encouraged to write.

Aelven Star Grove: News from Pennsylvania

Oh dear! Time has a way of flying by! It's that time of the year, Samhain...my favorite holiday.

Aelvenstar Grove is meeting for ritual and fellowship this Samhain. Please email aelvenstargrove@yahoo.com for info.

What else is new? In addition to ogham and magick study and practice, I am currently studying hypnotherapy and hope to pass my exams and receive certification soon.

Oh, I would like to mention Meetup (www.meetup.com) You can sign up and meet with fellow druids in your local areas, some whom possibly may be interested in joining the RDNA.


Wishing you all a very blessed Samhain,

Autaini Aelvenstar Grove Philadelphia, PA aelvenstargrove@yahoo.com

Palm Grove: News from Florida

Well 3 hurricanes right over the place has knocked down much of the storage buildings, power outs and all. It was very interesting. 2 of the 5 Sacred Palms perished in the onslaught but 3 remain, though a bit more worn for their trouble.

We mourn the passing of our valued member: Winston Pugnacious who was only 3 years old and still playful. Sadly, the heat of the day and perhaps a snake took him down while out on his chain. (The cutest pug you ever saw).

All in all it has been a very hard year here in the grove. On a brighter note:

The Website is up at http://palmgrove.bravehost.com/ The Site is designed to be a free and open meeting place for druids and druid curious from all walks and followings. Available is a chatroom, a forum area, a free classifieds area, a free links page and more. Stop on by and tell a friend.

I am learning about Celtic Runes and charms now and I am preparing to start making my own sets of rune stones, and amulets. Keep an eye on the website for them.

DraigMor High Druid At Palm Groves, Florida

Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross – Muskogee/Mother Grove Oklahoma

The MOCC—M/M Grove disbanded sometime after Beltane. It's hard to say when, but a new AD was not forthcoming, and I knew my time in Muskogee was short. Mark Harris (Shadowdancer) tried to get it together for a while, as did a couple other persons, but, in the end, it was not to be. But walking down the streets, the trees whisper and stand witness to what was. The big question was what to do with the various items that belonged communally to the MOCC here in Muskogee. We did consider whether to give them to the Tulsa group or send them off to some sort of Pagan collection somewhere, but it seemed more of a tradition to give them to a up and coming Pagan group here in Muskogee (we found 2, one in Muskogee that is being started by a cousin of mine, Shannon Smith, and on in Ft. Gibson that is run by Vikki Valenzuela). The two of them have close ties to what was the MOCC-- Muskogee/Mother Grove. Smith's group will be using the MOCC's rites as a template until they can get their ritual cycles up and going (a great-grandchild of the RDNA?) and the group run by Ms. Valenzuela is co-founded by an old MOCC member, Myk Rose. While the MOCC--M/M Grove fell, there is a considerable legacy that it has left behind here in the Pagan community.

As Samhain nears (locally, we give it the very improper pronunciation sa-MAIN) the cold weather is beginning to arrive just a little early. These rains and changing of the leaves usually come around just as the costumes are being put on kids and pumpkins are being carved. Now, it's happening in mid-October. I'm preparing for a move to Austin, where I'm pretty sure I'll become involved in the Druid community once again. Here in Muskogee, though, there's a feeling that the Grove is no longer quite human. The trees keep whispering, and I'm sure the pecans,

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