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elms and oaks are disputing amongst themselves. The black walnuts are in a convocation of their own, I'm sure and the mulberry is just too easily distracted to be of any help in this great meeting of theirs. Both Oak and Pine vie for the Archdruidic Chair, I'm told, and Pecan is preparing the tables for Cakes and Ale...

This declare above all:

Thomas Lee Harris, Jr. (aka Br. Myrddin A Maeglin) Former Archdruid, MOCC--Muskogee/Mother Grove

Rowan-Oak Grove: News from Tulsa, OK

we are gearing up for the Samhain convocation and costume party we hold every year. we will be voting on new board members, ratification of the current by-laws or modification there of and other issues which came up earlier this year. the tulsa grove has had several people move out of town in the last few months which necessitated the replacement on the board of directors at least as an alternate.

the wagner grove has been going through similar problems and i haven't heard from our gray angels grove in texas in a few months, and no response to emails so i must assume sis joker's wild is offline and will contact me when she can.

my ministers license is now registered downtown so i'm officially able to do marriages etc.........

finally done with the remodeling to the apartment so bad weather will not keep us from meeting.

i guess that is about it for now stay safe and well everybody.

healing light and peace

m.s. white raven arch-druidess rowan-oak grove mocc tag

Rose Rock Grove: News from Oklahoma

Samhain is almost here, and with my third order vigil still creaking my bones, I'm happy to announce that our grove is up to official grove status. Our Druid-on-the-go hasn't actually begun his journey, but we hope to hear from him soon. Plans for the upcoming holiday include writing to those who have left, for those of us with loved ones or ancestors still on our minds, finding representations of those ancestors we plan to honour, (whether objects they owned, pictures, or just something from or representing a particular country, depends on the individual) and figuring out what we're going to cook. There will be a sugar cookie baking party, some of which will be eaten at the party, some to be reserved for Samhain, and some to go to the Campfire USA Pumpkin Patch booth. Samhain ceremony to take place in my back yard, followed by divination and horror movie watching in the living room. Not to mention passing out candy to trick or treaters.

Current plans for November: A quilting bee for the Eric "Groo" Jones memorial quilt, a culling of closets, drawers, and pantries for clothes and canned goods to donate to one (or more, depending on amount) of the local shelters. Also coats to be culled for the Share the Warmth program. That's all we have going right now.

Lydia "Mouse" Van de Grift

Dravidia Grove: News from Indiana

Hello all,


Not much new here, am getting ready for Samhain. Have been invited to participate in an online experience, sounds different... Will also celebrate with the usual candle lighting and food placement... Maybe even a few spirit conjurings... Have a good Samhain

^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ |/vvvvvvv\| BOO!!!

/|\ Dolanimus /|\

Cattle Grove: News from Texas

Yes, yes, I know it has been quite a while since there has been any news from Texas but there is a reason (a reason, not an excuse!). Everyone that was part of the Cattle Protogrove seemingly went their separate ways. I stopping going to A&M Commerce for financial reasons, as did 2 of the other members, and one stayed there. So the protogrove has been hibernating for a while, waiting for the right moment to come back and that time appears to be now. It has moved back to Dallas, TX so hopefully we will actually find some more members (there are several of us talking and really all we need to do is find some initiative and meet somewhere). Also, I was recently ordained 3rd order by Mike (thanks Mike!) so hopefully we can turn what was once Cattle Protogrove into Cattle Grove!

Anyways we will keep the updates coming!

Joss Badger

Rogue River Protogrove: News from Oregon

It was exciting for all of us to take part in an official ritual in connection with taking the Waters of Life. Mr. Abbott also led us in an elaborate reading of the future of RDNA in northern California and Oregon. We plan to report the details in the Winter Solstice Missal-Any.

Additionally, the Rogue River Protogrove looks forward to hosting a fundraiser for Mr. Abbott next Spring, which will consist of a slide show of the history of the Hazelnut Grove and some of RDNA's influential members of the past. We will post the details as soon as they are finalized.

A great time was had by all!!!



Sierra Madrone California




We at the Sierra Madrone Grove held a beautiful Ritual along the Bear River to mark the Autumn Equinox. We spent the day walking in the forest and had a nice picnic with the kids. We did the opening Rituals at both the North Valley Pagan Pride and the Sacramento Pagan Pride. We had a booth at both and our Grove Diviner/Seer Stephen Abbott performed his trademark divination for crowds to see.

Sean Mac Dhomhnuill Sierra Madrone Grove

Nemeton Awenyddion: News from California

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