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Nemeton Awenyddion is going through some very interesting changes, as the seasons change, so does the Grove. With local members moving or going through major life changes it seems that they would want to be more involved in the Nemeton space and worship/meditations to help them to gain more clarity and balance. This Samhain will be a quiet one for us this year and I will be making a venture out to visit dear Sister Stacey towards the end of Oct. to make up for that. Our online classes just started booming again and going full force but without any more local inquiries for membership. I've also decided to undertake, after being asked for the last ten years by Lakota family, to participate in Sundance ceremony this next year so I'll be preparing to be a singer for that as well.

Yours In The Mother,

Rhiannon Hawk Ard Gwyddon/ Druid of Nemeton Awenyddion and of Proto-Grove Druid Heart Spirit Cohasset, California

Sunset Proto-Grove: News from California

Long Crunch leaf walks are in store. In the past week the weather has changed, and we are enjoying brisk evenings and mornings. Our elm out back has decided to begin dropping its share of leaves, and makes me wish I’d called the trimmer earlier. (Every tree needs its haircut.)

We really enjoy celebrating Samhain in style at our home, as we have a birthday the day before. This year we will have about 20, 11 and 12 year old girls carving pumpkins in our garage, eating spider cupcakes, and watching scary movies through the night. With that kind of crowd we ought to have a bonfire... but then Id have to get a permit.

Don't forget to feed the brownies b'fore you go to sleep, else they'll come and play tricks on you!

"Woooooshh went the wind...& out went the light, & ive little pumpkins rolllled out of siiight...."

Happy Samhain to all


Poison Oak Grove, News from California Publisher of "A Druid Missal-Any"

When I first moved into the new house I drank distilled water because the water came directly from a spring that wasn't the best to drink from. After starting to feel poorly, low energy, easily out of breath, tired all the time, bad nails, I found out that distilled water leaches minerals out of your body. Though I see an herbalist it wasn't getting better. At our last service two weeks ago I asked Diancecht, Physician to the Gods and his daughter Airmid, Herbalist for assistance in find out how to treat this malady. The very next week in conversation with another RDNA member, the Druidess from Texas, when I told her of the symptoms, she looked them up and said it was a vitamin B deficiency, easily treated by B-complex. After just a few days of taking the vitamins I felt so much better. I've been a member of the RDNA for 20 years now and it always amazes me when the deities come through. This is a religion that works!

On October 23 was the irst Northern California Druid Moot in Cupertino. A good time was had by all. Bonds were forged and re-established. Because of the friendships made at the Moot it looks like Duir De Danu Grove will be able to have a grove site on which to meet again!


This promises to be the irst of many on-going moots that will happen in Northern California. We will be changing geographic locations to accommodate the various pockets of RDNA members in the area.

The Llyr Tract

By Irony Sade, Pending Patriarch of Llyr, 9th Order


I am humbled and honored to be nominated for the patriarchy of the Order of Llyr. Having lived beside, sailed on, and all but drowned in the sea perhaps I can attempt to begin to understand its mysteries.

As one of the younger druids I have watched this discussion of the higher orders quietly, hardly feeling that it was my place to speak. Their utility beyond the funerary is unclear to me, though in the course of time that may change. As I understand it, nomination to the order of Llyr conveys no power, but three responsibilities: To seek to understand the sea; to offer membership to those druids who do the same; and to nominate someone to the Order of Danu.

If Llyr is one of the most obscure deities - just as the sea is a largely unknown realm, even to those who sail upon it, then Danu, as the patron of the Otherworld, is even more mysterious. It does seem that only those who have died might understand her.

I like the notion that those druids who have died are offered membership in her order by Danu herself. This argues in favor of Mr. Crimmins's idea that the patriarch should be a dead druid, possibly the first third order who died in the Reform. At the same time, it seems reasonable that there be one living member of the Tenth, to look after Death's business on earth, so to speak, or to speak for the dead, if you prefer. What his or her role would be, I do not know. Catholicism aside, people die without help. Would the role of the Danu's priest be to acknowledge the dead, to set them on their path to the Otherworld, to remind the rest of us that our path does not end here, or something else?

I would appreciate the input of the more senior druids as to potential nominees for the order of Danu. Some of you I will be contacting directly. Everyone else in the counsel, specifically those whom I have not met, is invited to contact me: irony@starmind.org

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