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Yours in the Mother,

Irony Sade Pending Patriarch of Llyr

ARDA 2 Main Volume Completed!

By Mike Scharding

Yes, its about 15 months late. My apologies to all the inconveniences it has caused you.

As you remember, the massive 846 page Green Books volume came out in March 2004, and the Main Volume is done and will be mailed out promptly on Thursday Oct 28th, so you should be looking for this monster a little after Halloween. The 820 page Magazine Volume will be out sometime before Oimelc 2005 with 26 years of NRDNA newsletters and magazines since 1977; although we have gone double over-budget already due to poor estimation on size and binding costs; a subject covered in a plaintive letter accompanying the books.

The Main Volume is also a real hefty beauty, what we call "Minnesota Size." It is expertly hand-sewn with a hard-back spine in a lovely shade of shocking orange covers, weighing over three pounds and 883 pages and a few thousand articles. By the time you read this Samhain issue, the on-line files will be securely hosted at Carleton's server in both .pdf and .doc format. Thus, the rest of you can freely download your own copies to your computer and just print out the sections that you like; double-side them and bind them with either a super-stapler or take them down to Kinko's copier shop and spiral bind them (usually in two 440 page halves, splitting Parts 0-4 and 5-10 for $8 each.) The website address is http://www.geocities.com/mikerdna/arda.html

What can I say, but there's something for everyone in here. It is too large to be easily carried out in the field, and it is really meant to be a reference tool, and semi-portable abridged copy of the plentiful Druid Archives stored at Carleton College. Here are some highlights in the Main Volume (marked with asterisk in the 20 page Table of Contents).

Part Zero: Expanded Study Program from 12 to 20 steps; with an online study group this winter (see next article).

Part One: Druid Chronicles, with few changes.

Part Two: Apocrypha. Expanded from 25 to 100 letters, adding debates regarding Codex Affair, Smiley's draft-dodging, Tom Cross Affair, and most recent internet shenanigans.

Part Three: Liturgies. Expanded from about 30 to about 120 services and liturgical articles. More of Isaac's late 70s services, comparisonal studies of ADF, Keltria, and OMS services, on-line service, new orders, French, German, and Japanese Orders of Worship, seasonal festival activities, various divination methods, meditational techniques, and new funeral and wedding services.


Part Four: Trivia and Customs. Doubled in size to include more calendrical articles, graphic diagrams of the family of Druid groups in America, on-line propaganda samples, constitutional variations, organizational structuring of ADF, Keltria, and OMS, and standard correspondence formats.

Part Five: The Druish Books of the Hassidic Druids has few changes.

Part Seven: Druid Miscellaneous has relocated most of its contents to the Green Books volume, and has new essays on the RDNA by Irony Sade and Stephen Crimmins.

Part Eight: General History of RDNA has been updated slightly.

Part Nine: Books of Latter Day Druids has added the "Dead Lakes Scrolls" of recent historical accounts of Carleton and Akita Grove.

Part Ten: Oral Histories has added interviews of Isaac Bonewits, Alice Cascorbi '88, Mike Scharding '04, Irony Sade '99, Merri Beth Weber '03; and as a special treat, David Fisher '65 Founder of Reformed Druidism.

I hope you enjoy it, and I'm taking in submissions of liturgies, epistles, articles, poems, essays, etc for ARDA 3 to be published in 2013, so

2004-2005 Wintry ARDA 2 Study Session Begins

Well, you've finally got the enormous iles or books of the Main Volume. You're welcome to flip through it by yourself, but you might want a little company if you are going to seriously plow through its entire unfamiliar contents. For this purpose, I've established a free on-line conference at yahoogroups.com called "Reformed_Druid_Texts" that you can join by clicking

this button and registering mikerdna@hotmail.com.





The RDT conference will last from Nov 1st 2004 to May 1st 2005 and will closely follow the Study Guide's 20 step program to wend our way more-or-less chronologically through 40 years of baffling materials. There will be about 30 people or so in the class, and jump in whenever you want, but realistically join up before Nov 15th. I reasonably expect about one serious posting of a few paragraphs per lesson from participants. People who satisfactually complete the rigorous regimen will get a spiffy shiny certificate of a "Deanship of Druid Textology" (D.D.T.) to go on their wall.

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