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Druid Chronicles (Evolved) 30th Anniversary Reprint

To honor Robert Larson's passing this August, Stephen Crimmins and I are releasing a new edition of the RDNA literature that Larson and Bonewits assembled in 1976. It was a work of beauty, and disseminated Reformed Druidism to a wider audience and DC(E) kind of put us on the map, so to speak, as the most over-published Druid group in America; a tradition that has continued. We're trying to faithfully replicate much of the art and layout (minus Celtic border designs) and reprinting the contents of DC(E) word for word, correcting typos, although the pagination will differ slightly. It will be about 250 pages long. If you'd like to write a small nostalgic memo for its introductory section, then email me at mikerdna@hotmail.com

DC(E), 2nd Edition, will be released on-line this winter, for free downloads and print outs, but if you'd rather order a commemorative hard-back edition, you should send $50 by paypal.com to Mike using my address easternasia@hotmail.com as the destination account; and then send me another e-mail with your proper physical mailing address. Deadline for those special orders is Dec 1st 2004.

Reformed Druidic Movie DVD Released

If you wish to give a loved one something that hurts more than a lump of coal for the Yuletime exchange of presents, consider a copy of the worst Druidic movie ever made at Carleton College in 1996; with a cast drawn mostly from the


Carleton Druids itself. "Gatorr: the Fighting Rabbit" is a two- hour barbarian spoof filmed amidst the lush forests and ields where the RDNA was founded. Although not officially made as a Druid project, it is nonetheless permeated with the humor, spirit and sites of that Grove in the early 90s.

Gatorr is the ponderous saga of a young pacifistic barbarian, in a post-apocalyptic Uzbekistan, whose tribe is ruthlessly slaughtered by bandits. Young Gatorr staggers off to the mountain-bound Lepus monastery to train in the fighting style of the rabbit, gains very little wisdom, and then wanders chaotically about in search of his sister, ighting monsters, meeting strange friends, communing with nature, being barbarically bored, breaking into castles and attempting to wreak vengeance for his family. The usual stuff of the genre. Did I mention the long walking scenes, and peppy soundtrack?

Gatorr is being distributed free with all ARDA 2 book orders, but if you'd also like to buy a copy for your own, send $10 by paypal.com to my account, which is called "easternasia@hotmail.com." After that, send me an e-mail to that address with your own mailing address before December 1st, and I'll guarantee the DVD will be in your stocking before the Solstice.

2004-2005 Wintry Bardic Contest Begins!

Just because the Time of Sleep is approaching after Halloween, means that your creative urges have to go dormant! Last year's 3rd Annual contest izzled out, but we’re ready to try yet again.

The RDNA will have our 4th Annual Wintry Bardic Contest from Nov 1st to May 1st, on this conference. Anytime during that period, submit to me your poems, songs, SHORT epic sagas, free-verse, or SHORT stories to me at mikerdna@hotmail.com I will host them this year as the judge [That way, I'll have a better chance of winning, no?]



Anyone can play and enter, even your friends.

  • 1.

    You can spoof an existing song/poem or be an entirely original creation, but the words have to be your own or a collaboration. If spoofing, please list the source of the music or original lyrics.

  • 2.

    Subject may be anything vaguely "Druidic," what ever that means. Quality is not a big concern for me either. Have fun. Maximum of 20 entries per person, meaning you Pat.

  • 3.

    Humor, anger, vexing, angst-drawn, serious, thoughtful, weird, drama-queenish is all perfectly acceptable; but naughty words may be tsk-tsk'ed and finger-waggled.

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