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Poetry will be collected throughout the winter. Spurts of poetry will be issued forth regularly every two weeks between November 1st and May 1st (about 13 mailings).

5. 6.

Bribes must be at least $500, to be acknowledged.

Winner will be announced May 1st, 2005 and will bear the honor of "Bard of the Reform" from May 2005 to May


http://www.geocities.com/mikerdna/bard4.html and sent by e-mail.







2006. Entries



Submission of an entry is considered to be accepting their reprint in the Green Books of ARDA 3 in 2013. Unless you tell me that they are copyrighted, I will assume they are for the public domain. I will label them either way according to your choice.

http://www.geocities.com/mikerdna/bard.html Winter


http://www.geocities.com/mikerdna/bard2.html Winter


To see previous Bardic contest entries go to:

Yours in the Mother,

Mike the Fool mikerdna@hotmail.com

Mystery of The Dragon: A Ritual Meditation

By MaDagda, Duir De Danu Grove

Here lies the Mystery of The Dragon. The Mystery of the Dragon is comprised of two ritual meditations, which are to be held for the feasts of Samhain and Beltaine. These meditations, predominately the same meditation, but worded to fit each feast is based loosely on Arthurian Druidism and parts of the whole are based on the movie "Excalibur," produced by John Boorman and the book "Dancing with Dragons," written by D. J. Conway.

These meditations were primarily written for inclusion in Druidic ritual, however, they may be used within a Wiccan circle. If done within a Wiccan Circle, it would be ideal to include deities of Celtic origin.


Ritual preparation, concluding the ritual, and other ritual activity outside of these meditations should be done according to personal taste and tradition.

For the Feast of Samhain The Beginning

Everyone holds hands around the ritual area. The participants are to close their eyes and take several deep breaths and as they breathe they are to think of The Dragon.

Leader: I would like you now to begin thinking about The Dragon. The ancient one who has existed before the dawn of time. The one who is everywhere and is everything. Its body is the Earth itself. Its forked tongue strikes upon the land like lightning. Its breath is the mist that casts shrouds and veils the land. Its scales glisten upon the waves of the sea. And Its Spirit lies in the wisdom of the cycle of awakening and sleep.

We are here to seek The Dragon so that we may learn from It, to seek Its wisdom, and to feel Its power and strength. But, to encounter The Dragon we must enter Its mouth and descend into the Dragon's heart.

The Mouth of the Dragon

Leader: You now find yourself standing before the mouth of a cave. You notice that along its edges, on both top and bottom are large, vertical rock formations that appear as if they were teeth. You now walk into the cavern into the cavern, which is dimly lit, and head down a narrow passage that ends at the top of a stairway.

The Spiral Staircase

Leader: You descend the stairs and soon discover that the stairway is a spiraling staircase. You travel downwards, spiraling deep into the Earth. After a while it seems that you will never stop, yet you continue onward.

The Cavern of the Tap Root Forest

Leader: Soon you descend into a cavern filled with taproots that plunge from the ceiling and then bore down into the floor. It is as if a forest of these tap roots lay all about you in all directions. The air is thick with the rich, loamy scent of the Earth. You take note of the varying sizes of these roots; some are as big as tree trunks while others are as thin as wire. You also notice that this cavern is alive with tiny creatures; insects, spiders, reptiles, and other such animals that have shunned the light of the sun and live in eternal darkness. After taking some time here, you now proceed your descent of the Spiral Staircase, going deeper into the Earth.

The Well of Hidden Flowing Waters

After some time, you begin to hear a faint sound of flowing water, and as you descend the staircase, it becomes louder and louder. You soon come to a landing beside an underground river and the waters roar as they flow from a waterfall at the end of the cave. The air is moist and cool. You feel refreshed standing along the shore of this river. If you wish, you may drink of the waters. As you drink in the waters, you find them to be cool and refreshing, giving you renewed strength and vitality. When you have finished, you continue down the Spiral Staircase.

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