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4.1.7. Background Design

In general, the background style blends with the characteristics of the other screen elements. Based on an article of “A Scene Design Within the Animation” which is about animation style of the Disney movie “Mulan,” it explains the reasoning for using the color white. White in Chinese painting, represents the truth. Background settings within the movie focus on color contrast using simple colors, and the blending of comfortable colors. With this method, Disney’s “Mulan” was able to give consistent hints to the audience about scene dramatics.

For my backgrounds, I designed imaginary landscapes relating to the stories, as the Mask Dance is usually performed in the baregraound of village. In conceptualizing the backgrounds, I first imagined which setting would be ideal for each story. According to the Korean village structures, I sketched each background. In developing the color schemes of the backgrounds, I was inspired by a exhibition of cut paper collages at the Korea Folk Museum. In refining my methods, I used a Photoshop filter in creat- ing the textures for the clouds and the backgrounds and character message boxes. Additionally in rendering the backgrounds in Flash, I made secondary animations, such as swaying braches and moving clouds.

Mudong Play The users can can further experience the environment of villages including the mountains, stones and ritual tree for abandunce of harvest.

Pagyesung Play For the religious situation, I added a temple and carving stones around the stairs. The bune appears in the village, so I recreated the entrance of the village with pro- tecters, which stand in front of villages.

Yangban Play The Yangban story starts near the traditional house. I created the doors and walls for the house and storages to show the high class life style.

Butcher’s Shooting Game The butcher’s game background was painted by free hand style. I chose simple lined mountain and characters.


Storytelling of the Hahoe Mask

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