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  • Butcher’s Shooting Game

While the butcher dances on stage, a cow appears. Then for the preparation of his party, he tries to kill the cow. Once the cow is slaughtered by an axe, the cow falls to the ground. Based on the theme of this story, I developed a shooting game.

4.1.10. Interaction Design

Interactions are the key ingredient to my thesis in projecting the messages contained within the stories. Although the stories are defined as to what occurs throughout, I developed the interactions to enable the users to determine the rate in which the information would be disseminated.

Rather than providing multiple choice outcomes, I provided sequential, linear interac- tions to enable the user to step through the story. In developing the interactions in my thesis, I agreed with the ideas set forth by Chris Crawford and his theories on user interactions. His idea that the main purpose of interactive storytelling is not of the quantity of multiple choices offered to the user, but of the quality of the choice of- fered. For example, in the Kaksi story, there are four main clickable areas for the users to select in order. The Kaksi, the ritual tree, the sun and the house. It is based primar- ily on a game structure where the user needs to complete the story by finding clues. If however a user cannot located specific clues, I have provided information boxes to assist the user in locating the clues needed to complete the story.

Secondly, I planned interactions based upon the narration for the purpose of memori- zation of the story content. For example, in the Yangban story, the original story goes forward with the main performers dialogues. I made arrow symbols to guide the user through one end of the conversation to the other.

The third application of interactivity is the gaming structure itself. While users play the game, they will learn the story through the interactions, In designing the Peakchong story, by what users click, the story will continue to animate. For better movement of character, I sketched every movement and drew in Adobe Illustrators and by hand, then, converted those movements in Flash.


Storytelling of the Hahoe Mask

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