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        Sound design

The use of multimedia within the eduactional media field has been extensive, as it helps in the retention of information, and in an increase of productivity. Reseach shows that 20% of people are visual learners, 40% are auditory learners, and 75% learn by a combination of both methods. (Lindstrom, 1994)

In activating 4 sensory inputs, multimedia as a strong effect in increasing recognition and retention of information. Moreover, the implemetation of audio in multimedia has become a functional device in increasing user perception and understanding of the content. As such, I thought there was a need to find appropriate sound effects to help users better understand the content of my thesis.

Mostly, the Korean music was created by the percussion instruments, such as a drum and a gong. However I had difficulties in finding the Korean composers in US. At that time I was keeping in contact with the Andong Hahoe Mask Dance committee for get- ting some resources. For my asking for sound problem, they were able to provide me with a DVD of recorded dance music and movies, which they graciously allowed me to use for my thesis. From the DVD, I collected sound effects separately using the Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition and added that music for background music.

I used Adobe Audition and Premiere, and then was able to convert the music into a usable format for Flash. Users are able to control the sound by using the provided sound controls on the main page. If users click on the embedded story links, a transi- tional sound plays to inform the user that a story scene will be loading.

4.2.2.Importing Movies

After thesis defense, I realized that another way of helping users understand the mask story was to import movie clips of the dance being performed. In the case study of ”The Role of Interactive Media in the J.Paul Getty Museum” when the mu- seum had built Art Access modules of Kiosk system in Getty museum, they primarily created the video segment play in pop-up window for displaying artwork and data with captioning. As it happened in Getty museum, importing movies of the perfor- mance and installation could expand the depth of user comprehension.


Storytelling of the Hahoe Mask

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