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1. Introduction

The major goal of this thesis is to provide a way to present cultural information in an entertaining way and establish an effective digital collection of cultural resources. One of the Korean cultural genres called the “The Hahoe mask” dance is a performance which is an intangible cultural property. This has become a serious issue, since these kinds of performances depend on successors’ dancing and telling the stories by word of mouth and passing them down to each generation. Therefore, Korean organizations and cultural communities have tried to preserve these intangible properties. In 1980, the government designated the mask dance drama as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 69, to ensure its preservation and transmission to future generations.

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    Why does Korean intangible culture need to be kept using multimedia?

The stories of the Hahoe dance were made during a time when oral tradition was more powerful then the written word. Based on the records of the Hahoe Mask dance, the dance was revived by the performer Chang Hee Lee, who could dance with a manuscript of the mask dance collected through the Andong Hahoe village where the dance had been created and performed. Since most of the restoration and revival had relied on collected information, the condition was poor. For better cultural collection in the future, there is a strong need to find an effective way to preserve our valuable and worthy properties. Furthermore, it is becoming necessary to interpret cultural performance as cultural resource to improve audience’s understanding.

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    What is the benefit of using multimedia for cultural resources?

Computer graphics has been a more effective communication method than verbal language and gives the user a chance to more easily understand information. The online book is a good example representing an attempt to transform information into virtual multimedia using computer graphics. Through a users’ response on the screen, the environment or certain changes such as sound effects and user location is consis- tent. These visual functions increase the meanings of origin and help users to reach out to the point the designers intend to be. For these reasons, I want to demonstrate that the effectiveness of multimedia can enhance comprehension of the Korean mask


Storytelling of the Hahoe Mask

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