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2.2. Advantages of Interactive Multimedia

Multimedia, defined, is the combination of various digital media types such as text, images, sound and video into an integrated multi-sensory interactive application or presentation to convey a message or information to an audience. In other words, multimedia means “an individual or a small group using a computer to interact with information that is represented in several media, by repeatedly selecting what to see and hear next” (Agnew et. al, 1996).

Ever since the computer graphics and interactive multimedia were first used in the educational genre, these methods have made it possible for users to participate not only in e-business and e-learning but also in cultural learning for educational purposes and computer – based collections. These methods could further contribute to widen- ing the cyber space world into a more interesting genre as embodied by theater, film, literature and cultural performance.

Through computer graphics and interactive multimedia, users can save time and view only what they want. Moreover, users are able to explore historical events or happen- ings in real time depending on what they click. Based on the book <Interactive Drama- turgies> “interactive storytelling also encompasses the conveying of knowledge, the reporting of facts and their didactic presentation, in other words narration in the widest sense of the word.” Interactive multimedia with computer graphics is the cutting-edge technique that provides diverse benefits to users in terms of cultural collections.

With multimedia, information can be delivered more effectively as an instructional medium. A multi-sensory experience can be created for the audience, which, in turn, elicits positive attitudes toward the application. Multimedia has also been shown to elicit the highest rate of information retention and result in shorter learning time (Ng and Komiya, 2000; Hofstetter, 1995). For the designer a multimedia application that is interactive and multi-sensory can be both a challenge and a thrill. Multimedia applica- tion design offers new insights into the learning process of the designer and forces him or her to represent information and knowledge in a new and innovative way (Agnew, Kellerman & Meyer, 1996).


Storytelling of the Hahoe Mask

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