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2.4.2 Standards for “Existing” Data

Existing data had to meet the following standards:

  • Facilities included were to be selected randomly, using the agreed upon methodology from the complete population of facilities in the study universe.

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      By extension this meant that if a state was using only existing data rather than a combination of existing or new data, every facility in the universe would have to have been inspected within a relatively short time period - at a minimum they would have to have been inspected since the last significant changes, if any, in the state's regulatory requirements and/or oversight procedures.

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        Similarly if a state was using a combination of existing and new data, the existing inspections would have to have taken place since the last significant change, if any, in the state's regulatory requirements or oversight procedures.

  • The state had to have information on each indicator for each facility and had to fill out a complete checklist for each facility.

  • The state had to be certain that the definition used by the field observer to "pass" or "fail" an indicator was the same standard used to pass or fail on indicators in the project; or that there was sufficient information on file to fill out the checklist accurately.

  • The state had to be certain that there was no bias in the interpretation of "pass" or


Because of the relatively small number of statistically valid inspections needed for this project, all participating states decided that they were able to collect new data for the small quantity generators of hazardous waste sector. The data collection period was from Federal Fiscal Year 2006 to Federal Fiscal Year 2008.


Once the project states selected final indicators and identified their data source for those indicators, they were presented with options for analyzing and reporting the results of the SQG sector. Below are basic concepts and measurement approaches that states agreed upon:

      • 2.5.1

        Data Elements to be Used

        • Applicability Data: The questions field observers answered to determine if the

facility is in or out of the universe.

  • Performance Indicator Data: The individual facility behaviors the project states

decided to measure -- the checklist questions the field observers answered to ascertain

The States Common Measures Project Final Report


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