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All inspection data was collected by the states and submitted to MassDEP for analysis.

3.4.1 The ERP Performance Analyzer

To facilitate data analysis, States Common Measures Project State Innovation Grant funds and funds from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection were used to contract with TetraTech, EM Inc., an environmental consulting group, to enhance an existing custom MS-Access-based application, originally designed by TetraTech, known as the ERP Performance Analyzer.6 The ERP Performance Analyzer is used to perform statistical analyses and create graphical presentations of data from ERP compliance inspections and/or self certifications. The application works with Excel, Power Point, and JMP Statistical Discovery Software. The output from the system is used to describe the environmental performance of different business sectors at a point in time, changes in performance over time and differences in performance across regulatory jurisdictions. The enhanced ERP Performance Analyzer was used to conduct the analyses and present the results in Section 4 of this report.

In order to accommodate data analysis needs for the Common Measures Project, the following enhancements to the ERP Performance Analyzer were completed:

  • Increased Automation of Chart Generation The charts are created seamlessly by the ERP Performance Analyzer to eliminate the need for transferring output from the ERP Performance Analyzer to separate Excel spreadsheets.

  • Expand Export Functionality to Include Compliance Scores The database is now designed to allow the user to specify which indicators to include in statistical analyses, charts and tables. This task also involves modification of the graphical user interfaces (GUI).

  • Update and Expand Functionality of Statistical Software The automated statistical software was updated to accommodate new or improved statistical methodologies. These updates have made the Common Measures Project database more consistent with the Excel calculators developed by EPA and made available through their ERP Resources Library website, as well as current publications in the statistical literature that address optimal methods for estimating and comparing proportions.

One of the many benefits of the ERP Performance Analyzer is that it is highly adaptable and can be used by states for future ERP-type measurement work. Currently, the states of Colorado and Washington are using this software for their ERP work.

6 A description of the ERP Performance Analyzer can also be found in the States ERP Consortium Guide to Reporting ERP Results (Appendix F) will be posted at www.erpstates.org.

The States Common Measures Project Final Report


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