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this data was not collected and analyzed as a part of the States Common Measures Project.

Phase 4) Data Analysis and Reporting Results

The final phase of the project involved analysis and presentation of the results. The ERP Performance Analyzer was used to calculate and display two different measures of SQG performance for each state:

  • The SQG mean facility score for “all indicators,” “regulatory indicators,” and “beyond compliance indicators.” The facility score is the proportion of applicable indicators that the facility successfully achieved. It is measured on a scale of 0 – 10. A score of 10 indicates that the facility successfully achieved 100% of the indicators. A score of 0 indicates that the facility did not achieve any of the indicators. The mean facility score is the average score for all facilities in the state.

  • The achievement rate on each indicator – the percentage of inspected facilities in the state that achieved the indicator.

The ERP Performance analyzer also calculated the confidence intervals for the observed mean SQG facility score and the achievement rates in each state, and identified statistically significant differences between them at 3 confidence levels: 85%, 90% and 95%.

The charts below show observed mean facility scores for each state, and the observed achievement rates on each regulatory and beyond compliance indicator. Overall performance for regulatory indicators was relatively high across the states and no state felt the overall results were cause for serious concern. However, project states felt certain indicators warranted consideration of options for improvement. There were statistically significant differences in state SQG performance on the SQG regulatory indicator mean facility scores and on five of the eight individual regulatory indicators.

The beyond compliance performance was lower overall and showed wider variation among the participating states. There were statistically significant differences identified in state SQG beyond compliance indicator mean facility scores and on all four individual beyond compliance indicators.

The States Common Measures Project Final Report


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