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The Piano in America, p. 24.


The Piano in America, p. 15.


The Piano in America, p. 5.


The Piano in America, p. 25.

36 Loesser explains that, by the late nineteenth century, “the American piano-making industry had become, to a greater or lesser degree, an assembly of separately, independently made parts. As early as 1880 Steinway & Sons advertised in a trade paper that they were ‘the only manufacturers who make every part of their pianofortes— including the casting of the full iron frames—in their manufactories.’ They continued making this claim for dec- ades; it was never challenged as long as it was made” (Men, Women & Pianos, p. 525). Dolge wrote in 1911 that “perhaps no other class of manufacturing depends more largely upon auxiliary industries … than the piano industry” (Pianos and Their Makers, p. 115).


The Piano in America, p. 160.

38 These numbers were arrived at by the author using Alfred Dolge’s list of American piano manufacturers, which appears on pp. 454-464 of Pianos and Their Makers. Dolge lists the city and state of each manufacturer’s headquar- ters.


The Bronx and Its People: A History, pp. 725, 727.

40 Sources for this section include Bronx County Historical Society, “Bronx Piano Factories” (accessed online at www.bronxhistoricalsociety.org/newsletter/articles/bronxpiano.html) and “An Overview and History of the Bronx Piano Manufacturing Industry.”

41 Bacon, in “Piano Factories Crowd the Bronx” calls this company “the Dunham firm”; “Dunham & Son” is the name that appears on the 1879 Bromley Atlas of the Entire City of New York.

“Piano Factories Crowd the Bronx”; G.W. Bromley & Company, Atlas of the City of New York, 23rd and 24th Wards (Philadelphia: G.W. Bromley & Company, 1893). 42

43 “Bronx Piano Factories” calls de Nobriga Augustus Denobrica, and says he was a “small-time piano maker” oper- ating at Elton Avenue and 159th Street in 1878. The address and name shown here are as he was listed in the 1879- 80 edition of Wilson’s Business Directory of New York City (New York: Trow City Directory Company).

44 1879 Bromley Atlas of the Entire City of New York. The Arion factory appears to be the Annexed District’s larg- est piano factory to be labeled as such on this map. The 1879-80 Wilson’s Business Directory does not list any North Side piano businesses other than those mentioned above.

45 “Across the Harlem,” Musical Courier, January 16, 1889, p. 52. This article states that “the Wheelock factory was the first building used for piano manufacturing” in this section. By this point, Wheelock had taken over Arion’s former factory on 149th Street; thus, the article is actually referring to the former Arion factory. (The Dunham fac- tory was located west of Third Avenue.)

G.W. Bromley & Company, Atlas of the City of New York, Borough of the Bronx, 23rd and 24th Wards (Philadel- phia: G.W. Bromley & Company, 1897). 46


1900 Hyde Atlas of the Borough of the Bronx, City of New York.

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