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them down to make 100 percent sure that everything is okay. It’s a possibility that they didn’t even have it.

MC: But better safe than sorry philosophy is what’s going on?

FM: Definitely, you don’t want to chance it. Even though the meat would be fine. It’s good public relations, basically.

MC: You work with Rocco is that what you said?

FM: No, Virginia Poultry Growers Co-op.

MC: Oh, okay. That’s right you were on the Board. I got confused when you said the guy from, okay, that’s right.

FM: Well we used to work Rocco. My dad and Chip Strickler actually went to college, to Virginia Tech together and Chip and Twig Strickler started Rocco.

MC: Okay.

FM: That was a long time ago.

MC: All right. Why did you decide to go the, switching gears a little bit, to the Co-op?

FM: Because I had no choice.

MC: No choice.

FM: Pilgrim’s Pride came in in 2004 and they decided to shut down the Hinton complex. A group of us went together and we bought the complex and we went into business or we started up a co-op and went into business ourselves. So I really didn’t have  a choice, but actually it’s worked out better.

MC: It has?

FM: Yes.

MC: In what ways?

FM: We were owned by a mega-company. Pilgrim’s Pride is huge. Their offices are in Texas. I guess a good way to describe this, and Pilgrim’s Pride is fine, when you call the bank, do you like to get a recording that tells you if you want, do you want to hear it in English or Spanish? And then you punch all the numbers and you just want, you just got a simple question about your checking account or whatever and you go through all the numbers. Would you rather deal with a country that is the biggest in the United States or somebody you can pick the phone up and call and talk to somebody that gets

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