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your problem resolved? It was kind of like that. They were so big that it was kind of hard for anybody to make a decision. You know, if you had an issue on the farm they would have to take it to somebody else to make the decision and that person would have to go to somebody else and in the mean time you are sitting here like what do you want me to do? That kind of a deal. It is more personal dealing with a smaller company. We’re all right here, you know we aren’t big, but we own it so.

MC: Yeah. And that’s worked out well it sounds like.

FM: Very well.

MC: Good. Well is there anything with the Co-op that you think they could do differently? If you could, you know, make all the changes and all the calls, would you do something differently?

FM: Well that’s a tough question. Not really, I think we’re basically running about as efficient as we can. Not really. I think for the size company we are and everything that we’ve had to deal with, I’m pretty happy with the way things are right now. You always wish for better birds, better feed, whatever it takes to make more money and that’s basically what it boils down to is money. I mean that’s why we do it, we do it for a living. But in general, I’m pretty happy.

MC: Yeah?

FM: Yeah, I think we’re doing as well as we can.

MC: There aren’t any ways that could be more efficient?

FM: Well you can always make yourself more efficient and I mean we look at that all the time of different ways, we make changes all the time to try to make ourselves more efficient, not only on the farm , but in the processing plant we make changes there. That’s something that you’ll never get totally done. I mean it’s just always something changing.

MC: That’s very true.

FM: Right, to make you more efficient. I mean we try to be more efficient in the fuel we use, we try to keep our feed conversion, that’s very important, how many pounds of feed it takes to make a pound of meat. And our feed conversion is really good right now. It’s 2.58 pounds of feed to make a pound of meat, which is very good.

MC: It is?

FM: That’s very good. If we can maintain that, that would be excellent.

MC: Yeah. What’s in the feed that you feed the turkeys?

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