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FM: Soybeans, corn, you have minerals that are put in there. That is basically your main mix.

MC: Yeah?

FM: We use 110 tractor trailer loads of corn a week and probably 35 or 40 tractor trailer loads of soy meal a week.

MC: And what about the turkeys, where do they end up, what is the end market?

FM: What we basically do is we don’t label. We are basically a slaughter shop. We sell parts. 65% of our breast meat goes to Deetz and Watson who is a huge company. They are basically major competition for like Boar’s Head. You don’t see many of their products in the Valley. If you go to the northeast, they sell a lot of deli meats, all kinds of different products. Most of the dark meat goes to Mexico. We have 129 different customers that we sell to.

MC: Wow that seems like a large number. Do you think it is? I mean I don’t know a lot about -

FM: I don’t think, I don’t think. I think that would probably be normal for a company our size.

MC: Oh okay.

FM: And the more the merrier, you know?

MC: Yeah, that’s true. Well, some more questions, what’s the most difficult thing to you about poultry farming?

FM: The most difficult thing? Probably not getting a break.

MC: Really?

FM: Yeah, it’s 24/7, everyday. You get used to it, it becomes a way of life. When you raise any kind of animals on the farm I mean they’ve got to be fed everyday. I don’t quit at 5 o’clock on Friday evening. It just never stops, it’s always, it’s constant. You learn to live with it. That’s probably the most difficult thing and you know I have a wife and kids and there’s times that I would like to be able to get away. My dad is seventy, I think he is seventy-six, he’s still working, but he doesn’t work as hard as he used to. And it’s just hard to get away. To schedule a vacation has to be scheduled in between flocks of turkeys. It’s just tough. That’s probably the worst thing about farming in general, is you are just, you are married to it. It’s no break.

MC: Seems like, yeah, it would be rough.

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