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FM: Yes, but he’s totally out of the cattle one now.

MC: It’s all you now?

FM: That’s right.

MC: Do you have any other operations going on besides cattle?

FM: Yes, I’m in the trucking business too. I clean poultry houses.

MC: Okay, for litter?

FM: That’s right. I clean the houses and I sell the litter. The litter is sold for fertilizer.

MC: All right. Where are you selling the fertilizer?

FM: I have sold fertilizer basically everywhere in the state of Virginia.

MC: Are there any problems you face with that? Like environmental issues?

FM: Yeah, there are environmental issues with that. That’s kind of a touchy subject. I mean one of the things is water quality and we hear a lot about that. But, you know over the last fifteen years the farmers are using so much less litter. They build, oh yeah, they build more litter sheds. It’s not piled outside like it used to be. We have learned, it’s been a learning process, that you can use less and that’s what’s done. Also most farms have what they call a nutri-management plan. Which they come in and they sample your soil and it tells you basically what fertilizers you need and they tell you how much you can put on. And that has helped.

MC: Does the state come in and do that?

FM: That’s correct, that’s correct. That is basically under the DEQ I believe.

MC: That sounds right. I’ve heard a little bit about that before.

FM: Right, right.

MC: Are there any issues that you have had to deal with specifically in your experience?

FM: Well I mean, it really hasn’t affected me a whole lot, because. Most farmers are good stewards of their soil and water. I mean there’s nobody that wants cleaner water than me because we use so much water. I need clean water for my turkeys, I want clean water for my family and everybody else’s. We sample our water often and to make sure it is clean. We don’t spread litter, you know, when it’s raining or and we put it on so much thinner, we’ve got much better equipment to use that puts it on thinner than it used to. What was that question again? I lost my –

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