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MC: If there were any specific instances where you’ve had to deal with problems regarding the environment?

FM: Just making sure that I’m -

MC: Just doing your part?

FM: Doing my part. Making sure that I’m in compliance with the regulations, which I am.

MC: Do you think they’re fair or do you think they should be harsher or more strict?

FM: I would say they’re on track. That’s a tough question. I would say they’re on track.

MC: Yeah?

FM: I don’t think they need to be any harsher. Most farmers are not going to do something to jeopardize their soil or water because I mean that’s how we make a living.

MC: That makes perfect sense.

FML Right and I think sometimes farmers have got kind of a bad rap as far  as you know the litter. You hear about it. The Chesapeake Bay Water foundation has pushed really hard to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. I guess the thing that bothers me a little bit is , well, just three months ago the sewage plant in Mount Crawford got another permit to dump so much more sewage. It seems like industry can dump so much. It seems like they’ve been harder on the farmer that they have factories, sewage plants. And that is a major contributor to pollution.

MC: Yeah, I see, yeah.

FM: Chemicals, that’s another thing that bothers me a little bit. Well you can go through residential areas, did you know there ‘s more chemicals used by homeowners that it is agriculture? (the sound of a door opening) All right you might want to stop this thing.

MC: That’s fine.

(Interview interrupted because someone came into to speak with Mr. Miller)

MC: Ok, great.

FM: Alright.

MC: Now it’s recording and I kind of forget.

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