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FM: Yeah, where were we?

MC: About chemicals and you were saying homeowners

FM: Chemicals! That’s what it was – chemicals. The homeowner. You know, you can go buy chemicals that you hook on to your garden hose and I just watch people in just like down in Montezuma, man just out  there spraying chemicals on their yard just weed and feed all this stuff my sprayer is set up that I put down seven gallons an acre. That’s like nothing. When I spray, if you wait two minutes, the plant is dry. The homeowner and I have to go, I have a license, I have to go through a school every two years. It’s a four hour session that brings us up to date on all of the herbicides and pesticides that we use. I don’t use many pesticides I use more herbicides, weed control. But the homeowner, goes to Wal-Mart, goes to the farm bureau wherever you want and there’s a complete line of herbicides and they apply it at rates that just blow my mind. And when it runs off that yard it goes in the concrete gutter, it goes down the pipe to the sewage plant. Is it filtered out? I don’t know. The run off that you’d have in agriculture is like zilch because you are putting on such a small amount.  I mean seven gallons per acre. And I’ve watched, when I watched this one woman the other year I was like my gracious, just with her garden hose, one of those things you screw on the end of it. She must have been putting on a 100, a 1,000 gallons to the acre of product and if the herbicides were used correctly all u have to do is mist the plant, you do not have to drench and soak until it is dripping off and it works. A lot of that contributes to water pollution and how do you educate the public, you know?

MC: Yeah, that was my question.

FM: They have granular like scotch weed and feed. Well how do you know that these people are putting it on properly? You know you use so many pounds per so many square feet, how do you control that in the yard? I really don’t know either. I mean you could measure your yard off and say okay this bag has got to do it. It’s easier to apply fertilizer or chemicals if you’ve got equipment that is calibrated, which we do. The reason we calibrate it is to save money. You don’t want to put on more than what you need because it will cost you more money.

MC: I see.

FM: It’s very important. The homeowner, now I’m not down on the homeowner, but I’m just using this as an example, they’ll go buy how many bags or how many things they think they need and they spread it until it’s all on there. What happens when it rains and runs off? It goes somewhere (laughter).

MC: Yeah. So it kind of sounds like the consequences of that are kind of, that you’re kind of taking the blow from that a little bit.

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