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FM: Well the nitrates that they find in the Chesapeake Bay and the pollution, a lot of that has been put back to poultry. The phosphates and all the different things that in the litter but you know it’s changing and I’m seeing a change. They’re using DNA testing.

MC: Really?

FM: Oh yeah, to find out exactly where these things are coming from. And a lot of the things that I’m hearing that they aren’t making public knowledge that a lot of the pollution in the Chesapeake bay is from human fecal matter because you know there is a lot of sewage all over that has to be gone through a treatment plant and then it is dumped back into the river and they have a permit to do that. A permit to pollute.

MC: You sound frustrated.

FM: Yeah, really.

MC: That does sound frustrating, wow. That’s interesting. Wow, well (laughter) now I know what is really polluting the Bay. Yeah, alright, I’ll just completely change the subject.

FM: Okay.

MC: I did have a question back to the Avian Flu that I thought of.

FM: Okay.

MC: You were talking about that. How did you recuperate after that? Because you were working for the Co-op then, right?

FM: No.

MC: No?

FM: We were still with Pilgrim’s Pride.

MC: Oh, okay.

FM: It was a year before Pilgrim’s Pride decided to close down the Hinton complex.

MC: Okay.

FM: Well, it was tough because we lost that flock of birds with no money. Then we had a massive cleanup. I mean it is very, very complex and before you can go back in production the USDA has to come and inspect your houses. And this is basically a white glove test. They actually get on stepladders and feel above trusses.

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