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MC: Really?

FM: Oh it is in depth. We are talking, I know some people that used 30,000 gallons of water to wash one house. We are talking serious pressure washing. I hired, it just wears you out. It is a major cleanup, it’s got to be clean; everything has got to be clean. It’s got to be spotless. We worked, oh man, I’d say three months to get all of the houses cleaned and I hired some people. We rotated, we took turns; we just kind of pitched in and helped each other to get through this. Then you get inspected and then you went back in production. Then on December the 17th, I remember this date, we did get money from the USDA. It’s very slow. We went down in April with Avian Flu; it was December until we got any money. Pretty long.

MC: That is.

FM: Pretty long time. It really hurts your cash flow.

MC: Did they reimburse totally pretty much, or -?

FM: Pretty good, yes for the flock that we lost I would say that we got, I would say we got compensated 95%. What we didn’t get paid for was all of the down time. See we actually lost another flock of birds because of all the cleanup. It just takes time. You just don’t come in a clean these houses spotless in a couple days. It takes weeks, a lot of work.

MC: Do you know anyone that didn’t pass inspection or had trouble?

FM: Well I failed inspection twice.

MC: Oh you did, twice?

FM: We had houses cleaned –

MC: Uh huh.

FM: At that time we didn’t close them up quite as tight as we should have because you were trying to let them air out. A bird built a nest inside of one of the feeders, which was hanging up on the ceiling. That’s a no-no, it’s got to be cleaned. So we had to wash out that feeder and clean up all of the bird nest. I mean it’s not a, it wasn’t, I mean it wasn’t like it was terrible. He came back the next day, I mean it was maybe an hour’s worth of stuff. When you have five houses you know you get one cleaned it might take you a couple weeks to do that. Then you go to the next one and you clean that and you keep coming downhill cleaning them or from one poultry house to the other. A bird can get in the house or something could happen.

MC: So you’re saying you had to have all of the cleaned before the inspectors came?

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