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FM: Oh yes, yes. Very clean. They even inspected places that, like the fans that go through the wall. You can reach in and come in behind a little bit and find dust there is just like you know it just unreal. That you can’t get to to clean basically. And you just work and work and work and work to try your best to get it all clean. And there’s just  - we did very well, I was very pleased with our inspection. I mean he found like 2 things that he didn’t like. He wrote us up, we corrected it, he came back, we go the green flag. FM: So it wasn’t bad. I don’t think I know anybody that got a, that didn’t have to do something after they came and inspected. And some guys had to do it two or three times to get it. They worked with us very well. I mean they would tell you what you needed to do if something wasn’t quite clean enough they would explain why it had to be and you would go from there. So it wasn’t really too bad. They were there to help you, so –

MC: And it sounds like they were helpful?

FM: They were, they were. But they were just – when you got to clean an area that big, you  know you could have eaten off of any part of that building when we got done with it, it was that clean. They were just really clean.

MC: Wow. That’s huge. Well, have you ever lost birds to any other any other things, natural predators?

FM: Yes, all of the above.

MC: Such as?

FM: Let’s go back forty years ago and turkeys on range this is your biggest problem. Dogs, neighbors’ dogs killed a couple hundred, foxes killed some, foxes were a big deal. Foxes love turkeys.

MC: Yeah.

FM: Power outage. That’s very, very important. We had a circuit breaker malfunction. We lost 1,700.

MC: When was that?

FM: That was probably fifteen years ago.

MC: Okay.

FM: We had cattle break in a house one night and smothered a bunch. We’ve had nineteen, well we actually didn’t lose any birds, 1975 we had a tremendous windstorm in the Valley. Lost forty to fifty percent of the roof on five buildings. We had baby birds in one house, lost roof, purlines and all and this house was like brand new. We only lost thirteen birds out of that whole ordeal though. That was just incredible. I’m trying to think. That is about, that’s the worst that I can think of.

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