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MC: They seem pretty bad though.

FM: Yeah, but for all of the birds we have raised over the years that’s pretty good. Well I’ve got a good track record. Real good track record.

MC: Really?

FM: Yeah.

MC: Well are there many other major events or changes in your time that come to mind regarding poultry growing that you would like to bring up?

FM: Well there’s changes all the time.

MC: Right.

FM: There’s been changes in equipment, the equipment has gotten better. We used to use, one issue I guess we used to have, is we used to have water troughs that were like 8 feet long and they were very hard to keep adjusted and they’ve come up with new water fountains that are much more sanitary, much easier to adjust, that’s probably been one of the best changes. And even the feeding equipment. Years ago I mean I can remember feeding turkeys by hand.

MC: Really?

FM: And just before my time it was all handled in bags. Bags of feed. Which I can’t even imagine and now all of that’s changed. Probably equipment has been the biggest change. You know the feeders come on automatically, the waterers are much better, your lights come on automatically and go off. You’ve got to watch this equipment and make sure it is working properly. But as far as manual labor goes, it’s not near as hard as it used to be. I would say that’s probably one of the biggest changes that I’ve seen in the growout, you know, where I’m actually raising the birds, yeah.

MC: What about more on the business side?

FM: Well there’s been all kinds of changes there. I mean it’s just changing every day.  I mean they used to haul live birds to New York City and sell them down in the Bronx at Hunt’s Point’s market. I mean those days are over. All of your meat now is refrigerated or frozen that’s hauled it’s I would say more sanitary than when they used to do the live bird thing. That’s a tough questions, I’d have to have a little time to think on that. It just seems like you get kind of in a rut as far as your daily thing that the business changes all the times, orders change all the time, they’re always coming up with new products that cause you to process differently. You know like, there’s just different cuts of meat that they want, different things that they try to see if the consumer wants to buy it and you’ve always got to try those things all the time and then when you have one that becomes a

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