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real seller, that’s what you stick with until something else comes along.

MC: Okay, all right, that makes sense. Well I keep jumping around a little bit.

FM: That’s fine.

MC: Well besides, you said your father helps on the farm, and you have hired help, does your wife help at all?

FM: She helps some. We’ve got three children, two in school, one is going to start next year. She plants a garden. We raise basically all our food.

MC: Really?

FM: We butcher our beef, we also have turkey. That keeps her pretty busy. She does help some when I get in a real bind or we have a big job and I need an extra hand, yeah she is available, so.

MC: Okay. And between all your working, you have so much going on it seems like, besides trucking and farming, do you have any other hobbies or community activities you find time for?

FM: Church is probably the biggest. Probably I’m more devoted to that than anything I guess besides farming. I’m probably more devoted to that than anything. I like to hunt, I basically do that every day while we’re feeding and whatnot as far as I like to shoot groundhogs, predators so to speak. I have a son who’s a hunter too and I know you’re dad’s a hunter. We hunted together before. We’ve got deer on the farm and he got a deer this year. I didn’t kill one, I could have, but it is more fun to watch him kill one, help him with that. No, I really don’t have any major hobbies. I like to fish, I like to hunt.

MC: Those are big hobbies.

FM: Well I mean it’s something to, farming becomes a way of life. I mean that’s just the way it is. Somebody has got to be here basically all the time just keeping an eye on the turkeys, on the cattle, and everything that’s going on.

MC: So in what ways is your job rewarding to you?

FM: Well, it’s rewarding, it’s very rewarding. I like to watch things grow. You know I plant a lot of crops. I like to watch cattle grow, I like to watch turkeys grow. It gives you satisfaction in raising animals and watching them grow and are healthy and you know that you’ve done a good job. I guess you grade yourself in this job with your checkbook. Are we making it or are we not, you know? You learn from your mistakes. If you do something that’s a total flop you say we aren’t going to do this again, that didn’t work. I guess that’s kind of how you grade yourself. Is whether you make money or whether you don’t. And you always strive like anybody whether you’re working a job or what, I mean

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