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your basic goal is to get ahead. Get your house paid for, get your car paid for, get this equipment paid for, land, everything else that’s involved.

MC: Yep.

FM: I guess it’s all basically the same. Most people have the same goal, I guess, to try and get ahead.

MC: Right. Okay.

FM: I don’t know if that was a good answer.

MC: Yeah! Do you like, do you feel like being, I mean are you kind of your own boss do you feel like?

FM: Oh yeah definitely.

MC: Do you like that?

FM: Yeah, I mean I, yeah it would be hard, it would probably be hard for me to go to work for somebody else because I am so independent.

MC: Really?

FM: Oh yeah, I mean, I get up in the morning. We’re independent but then again, I mean you’ve got responsibilities that have to be done. I mean your turkeys are your boss. You know they’ve got to be fed, they’ve got to make sure they’ve got water, everything has got to be right for them. Cattle are the same way. You’ve got to tend to them if you want to produce. If you want to sell a good product you’ve got to do it and do it right. Cause if you don’t it’s going to cost you, very competitive.

MC: Yeah, I see that. I feel like, well I know one question that just kind of intrigues mw, it’s a little off subject. There’s also a lot of talk I’ve heard bout how we’re raising turkeys and chickens they’re gaining weight so quickly and you’re feeding them this feed, super feed it’s got as much as you can, it makes them gain as much weight, you know, and you’re raising them in such a short period of time it seems like as compared with the past. At least that’s the idea I have gotten. Is that right you’d say?

FM: Well, yeah, as far as using – I don’t use any hormones or steroids or anything on our cattle. The way you make an animal grow, number one is genetics. That is very important. That is why when we get back to the Nicholas and the Hybrid, their genetics are better than there’s dozens of other breeds of turkeys, but everybody in the nation is basically raising these two birds because their genetics are better. They will out perform, they will out grow. It is the same way with dogs and cats. I mean you’ve got some animals that are very growthy and grow very fast, and you’ve got some animals that don’t. You’re constantly wanting to keep your genetics as best as you possibly can

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