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to get the best animal that you can. Quality feed is a very important thing. You need to have the right minerals, you need to have the right protein, you need to have the right fat. Everything has got to be right and if anything gets out of balance you can mess it up. Yeah, feed. Feed is very important.

MC: Yeah. That’s the idea I have gotten from.

FM: That, but genetics.

MC: Genetics.

FM: Yes, yes. It takes the two.

MC: Yeah.

FM: It takes the two. I mean you could feed a midget the best feed in the world and he won’t grow. You take somebody that, er, I shouldn’t say somebody, or an animal that has the potential to grow and feed it right and it will grow. That’s just the way it is.

MC: Oh okay. All right. Well that explains a little bit. Well are there any organizations in the poultry community besides the Co-op that you work with? Like the Poultry Federation?

FM: Yes the Poultry federation.

MC: Are you involved with them?

FM: Uh, somewhat.

MC: Somewhat?

FM: Yeah I mean the Co-op is a member of the Poultry Federation. We support that. We pay I don’t know how much it is a year to be a member of that. Your poultry federation does a lot of good. I’m also a member of the National Cattleman’s Association. That’s another. They’re kind of like the Poultry Federation. They do a lot for the cattle farmer too. Then also the Beef Commission. Every time I sell an animal a dollar comes off of it that goes to the Beef Commission and that’s for advertising. And all the things, I can’t even tell you what all they do it is a lot. I’m trying to think if there is anything else. Well those are the two big ones. That’s the two big ones that I can think of. My mind went blank for some reason. I know that there are some other organizations that are helping with agriculture. Oh the Farm Bureau Insurance Company.

MC: Oh okay.

FM: Definitely.

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