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Shenandoah Valley Oral History Project

Transcription of Interview with William Forrest Miller on April 3, 2007

at Bridgewater, VA.

Mary  Collins: All right it’s April 3rd and it’s Mary Catherine Collins interviewing Forrest Miller at his home. Do I have your consent to be interviewed and to record the interview?

Forrest Miller: Yes you do.

MC: Okay, thanks. What is your full name?

FM: My name is William Forrest Miller.

MC: And where are you from?

FM: I am from Bridgewater, right here. I was basically born and raised on the farm and have been here for forty-nine years.

MC: What is your birth date?

FM: 5-17-57.

MC: Okay. And did your parents have the farm beforehand?

FM: That’s correct. And grandparents. Grandparents, parents, and now myself.

MC: Okay. So three generations.

FM: 3 generations that’s right.

MC: Do you remember when three generations back started?

FM: Not started. I guess he started buying. It would have been in the early 1900’s when he started with part of the farm and then it’s been added on to. I guess the last time we purchased land was when I was thirteen years old. So I don’t know when that would have been but anyway that would give you an idea.

MC: And you haven’t added on since as far as land goes?

FM: No. That’s right. Except for rented land.

MC: Okay. How many acres or how much total?

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