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MC: Yeah. Are there any major differences, besides, you said in Vietnam or somewhere it would be free range.

FM: Oh yeah. They have live markets. Like when you go to buy poultry. We buy our poultry in the grocery store. They go to a market where the birds are caged, they’re live. They will kill them for you on the spot and you carry the bird off. It’s totally different.

MC: That is totally different. Do you know if there are other countries that raise them like we do? I’m assuming –

FM: Yeah, China is getting into it, they’re starting to raise birds in confinement. Places in Israel. That’s the two I’m mainly aware of. I have a friend who sells poultry equipment and most of his equipment is going out of the states. Mexico. So yeah, it’s picking up.

MC: Interesting. So then as far as, well let me back track a little, get some more information. So what are you growing now? Turkeys?

FM: Turkeys.

MC: What breed? Is there a certain breed?

FM: Yeah, hybrid.

MC: Okay.

FM: There’s basically your two main breeds in the United States are Nicholas and Hybrid. We have raised B-U-T, which is British United Turkey, that was a breed. We have raised Nicholas before, a lot of Nicholas. The genetics have really changed; Nicholas had a lot of leg troubles. They have corrected a lot of that, it has gotten much better. Your two largest breeds in the United States are Hybrid and Nicholas.

MC: Okay and you only raise the Hybrid? Right? Is that what you said?

FM: Actually, basically, I did have a bunch of Nicholas last time. We are trying some Nicholas to see how they’re doing. It’s a real big deal to try because to get, it takes twenty-two weeks, you got to raise a turkey twenty-two weeks before it starts to lay. Then that bird, that egg has to be incubated. And then after the poult is hatched it comes to the farm and it takes another nineteen weeks before u get to slaughter it. So if you want to find out about a specific breed you’re looking at  a lot of time. It’s something that you just don’t wake up one morning and say we’re going to try a different breed of turkeys. It takes a couple years of planning to get eh genetics where you want it, get it in the field, get the birds to laying, get the poults back to the farm, me, and get them on the shackle.

MC: Okay.

FM: Did I confuse you?

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