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the tastes of emerging markets is great tech-adoption.

Fig 4 Bharat’s pictures. Grandmother and Child

His business has expanded and a partner was found to manage the photo business. Bharat is also a local reporter for a national newspaper. He views this as a social resource connecting him to a network of informed people clued in to current events around the village and beyond. Laptops have caught his imagination and he wants his kiosk to house some of these too. He is confident of finding cheap versions of these too! He is soon to begin wedding videography which he considers the ‘next big market splash in emerging villages such as Kendur’.

Vasant is the KO in a predominantly agricultural village with medium resources, making little money from kiosk services. He earns his living from petty trade through his provision store. He admits that there are no customers in his village for on-line services but pins hope on DTP and photo studio His printer has been lying unused for sometime in need of repair. He also confesses that he has little patience with trouble shooting and is overwhelmed with hardware breakdown and power cuts.

He belongs to a community of backward caste, but active in village politics. His father was nominated for head man of the village and is among the trustees of the local temple. Serious efforts are being made to put the temple on the Maharashtra state tourist map. Vasant however is confident of making business from opportunities that will soon arise when his village becomes a major tourist spot. The Yamai temple in his villager is soon to be a state endorsed pilgrim centre. ‘The demand for photos when tourists arrive is in itself a great business proposition that I am gearing up for. I am willing to wait until such time as I see no other demand for kiosk services generating profits for me’.

Fig 5 A women on a lotus for a seat!

Rajendra runs his busy medical pharmacy and attached kiosk bang on a busy highway cutting through his village (see Fig 6). His village is also ‘edgy’, on the borders of the state industrial belt. He was one of the first to take advantage of n-logue’s schemes and clearly mentions business as primary motive. He was the first operator to install web astrology software application, roping in an astrologer to read and predict his client’s future. The last couple of years, his entire profits have come from this alone.

Rajendra has a diploma in instrumentation but wanted to begin his own business rather than work in the industrial belt. He comes from a farming family of the dominant Maratha caste and a brother who is a news reporter in a national newspaper recounts the geographic history of his village. ‘10 years ago, the hustle and bustle in front of you was non-existent. 10 years from now it will evolve further.  We have everything here, why opt to live in a city that stinks!’.  

Fig 6 Rajendra’s Kiosk, in through the door of his medical shop

The belt has created numerous job opportunities and accompanying influx of people.  Several schools, colleges opened in the last 10 years and there are two computer institutes in the village teaching various courses. Rajendra has now stopped all off-line kiosk activity and makes money from clients browsing and e mailing on-line. He is not particularly looking for kiosk expansions and is more interested in participating in the general economic boom of his region by

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