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What are the benefits?

Creating Skype Accounts

New accounts are easily created using the Skype Manager. These accounts are owned and controlled by your company – not the individual employee. You can allocate credit and control access to features. And if an employee leaves your business you retain control of any remaining credit and features. Also, with the company directory employees can easily add each other to their contact lists.

Allocating Credit and Assigning Features

Skype Credit can be bought centrally by the administrator of your company’s Skype Manager and then allocated to each employee or SIP-enabled PBX system as required. Credit within your Skype Manager can also be used to purchase and allocate features like calling subscriptions and Online Numbers to employees.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Skype Manager keeps all your calling costs under control. Get reports on expenditure and usage at company, department or employee level.

How Skype Manager can help

Ownership The company creates and manages each Skype account.

Automation Ability to auto-recharge accounts with credit and renew features.

Control Administrators manage Skype Credit purchases and features.

Reporting See at a glance company expenditure and Skype usage.

2. Sign in with your Skype Name and password.

5. Allocate credit to employees.

3. Create Skype accounts for your employees.

6. Assign features like Online Numbers, subscriptions and voicemail.

Setting up Skype Manager is easy

1. Visit skype.com/go/skypemanager

4. Purchase Skype Credit.

7. Closely monitor Skype usage and expenditure.

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