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What features can I use?

Quick Member Account Creation

˚ C r e a t e a c c o u n t s i n d i v i d u a l l using an email address or import a list via a CSV file. y ˚


Skype Names are automatically generated.

All accounts can have a similar naming pattern, for example, a name that identifies your company name or brand.


Administrators can create a password for the Skype account or let member do it.

Simple Skype Credit Purchasing

a wider choice of payment methods.


Turn on automatic credit purchases (dependent on payment method).


Set up low credit alerts to auto-recharge accounts.


VAT exemptions for EU companies.


Purchase with credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and online.


Verify your company to lift purchasing limits and have


Easily change the currency of your Skype Manager.


Automatically allocate credit in the right currency for your employees.

Easy Member Account Management


Set up voicemail and caller identification.


Reassign Online Numbers as required.

Quickly allocate Skype Credit to employees.



Activate automatic credit allocations if required.


Enable spending limits on accounts.

Allocate subscriptions and Online Numbers.

˚ ˚

Allocate calling subscriptions.

Configure call forwarding.

Flexible Reporting & Monitoring

˚ M o n t h b y m o n t h s p e n d i n reports. g ˚

Access a dashboard to show features, credit usage, member statuses, news and even a credit requirement forecast.


Optimise your company spend with clear reporting.


Print out company invoices.

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