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the three most challenging aspects of this assignment;

the three most rewarding aspects of this experience;

the strengths you bring to this project;

the weaknesses/stereotypes/biases you will have to address in doing this project successful for yourself.

After the first encounter4: In 2 pages, please write a description of:

your first encounter (who was there and the nature of the interaction);

your feelings and thoughts before, during, and after the visit;

changes in your plans, goals, concerns, etc. from what you wrote prior to the visit and what you think might account for these changes.

After the second encounter: In 2 pages, please write a description of:

what, if any, changes, have taken place in the perspective about older adults that you described after the first meeting;

initial connections that you are making between your observations and thoughts and the material covered in class and the readings on older adults. Getting to know the older adult(s) will allow you to make hypotheses about their early life and who they are now.

After the 3rd encounter: In 2 pages, please write a description of:

further connections that you are making between the course material and the reading on older adults.

[Please feel free to continue meeting with your older adult project partner. These continued interactions can contribute to your final write-up.]

After the final encounter:  In 3 pages please summarize what you have learned from this experience that will promote your personal and professional growth and how you think about older adults.  


Content (90%):  Does each writing assignment clearly, thoroughly, thoughtfully and specifically discuss the points described in the assignment?

Mechanics (10%):  Are the writing assignments written in complete sentences with subject-verb agreement, correct grammar, punctuation, capitalizations, spelling, etc.?  

Note:  Reflections should be doubled spaced and typed. Each entry should be submitted upon completion of the interaction. You will receive feedback and suggestions each time you turn in your journal entries. The grade will be assigned when you turn in the completed journal at the end of the semester.

4 It is a good idea to note your initial thoughts and feelings immediately after the visit. Then let this percolate a few days and then write the final version. If you wait too long to write things down, too many other things dilute the experience.

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