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With the help of a crate:


Can enjoy complete peace of mind hen leaving your dog at home alone, knowing that nothing will be destroyed and he is comfortable and protected.

Can house train your dog more quickly by using the close confinement to encourage control.

Can effectively confine your dog at times when he may be underfoot (meals, guests, workmen, etc.) over-excited or bothered by too much confusion or too many children, or maybe ill.

Can travel your dog without risk of the driver being dangerously distracted, and with the assurance that he can easily adapt to any strange surroundings a long as he has his familiar “security blanket” along.


Can enjoy the privacy and the security of a “den” of his own, to which he can retreat when tired, stressed or ill.

Can avoid much of the fear/confusion/punishment caused by your reaction to problem behaviour.

Can more easily become “clean”.

Can be spared the loneliness and frustration of being isolated (in basement, garage or outside) from comfortable indoor surroundings when being restricted

Can be conveniently included in family outings, visits and trips instead of being left alone at home or in boarding kennels.

You want to enjoy your pet and be pleased with his behaviour… Your pet wants little more from like than to

PLEASE you… a dog crate can help make your relationship what each of you wants and need it to be.

Dog crates are a bargain when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a sofa, chairs, woodwork, wallpaper or carpeting!

USE – but do not Abuse!

The use of a dog crate is NOT recommended for a dog which must frequently or regularly be left alone for extended periods of time – such as all or much of the day while its owner is at work. His crate must be large enough to permit him to comfortably stretch out fully on his side and to feel that he has freedom to move. NEVER, NEVER leave

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