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Individual and Group Assessment of Collaboration Skills Functioning Skills (Communication & Distributed Leadership)

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Directions for Individual Assessment Reflect on your behavior while working as a member of your team. On a 5-point scale (1 = I never do; 5 = I always do), rate yourself on the following skills. Select and place a star next to the 2 to 4 skills that you wish to improve.

Directions for Group Assessment Reflect on your team's functioning. On a 5-point scale (1 = We never do; 5 = We always do), rate your entire team on the following skills. Compare your ratings with those of your teammates and jointly select 2 - 4 skills to improve. Place an arrow next to the skills your team has selected.



I/we share ideas I/we share feelings when appropriate I/we share materials and resources I/we volunteer for roles which help the group accomplish the task (e.g., timekeeper) I/we volunteer for roles which help to maintain a harmonious working group (e.g., encourage everyone to participate) I/we clarify the purpose of the meeting I/we set or call attention to time limits I/we offer suggestions as to how to effectively accomplish the task I/we ask for help, clarification, or technical assistance when needed I/we praise team members' contributions I/we ask team members' opinions I/we use head nods, smiles, and other facial expressions to show interest/approval I/we offer to explain or clarify I/we paraphrase other team members' contributions I/we energize the group with humor, ideas, or enthusiasm when motivation is low I/we relieve tension with humor I/we check for others' understanding of the concepts discussed I/we summarize outcomes before moving to the next agenda item

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