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Response to Intervention and other resources: Interventioncentral.org, then go to RTI_WIRE and download links

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities @ www.nichcy.org

Rosenberg text website: www.prenhall.com/rosenberg (Jump to Topics)

Special education forms for San Diego City Schools (Hard copy provided) and Vista Unified School District (VUSD) for North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE) forms @ www.preschoolfun.com

Wrights Law website: www.wrightslaw.com

  • IV.

    Professional and Administrative Requirements

    • 1.

      Attend all class sessions. Be on time. Please call the instructor when you are unable to attend class or when you will be late. It is the policy of the CSUSM College of Education that any student who misses 20% or more of class time or class sessions may not receive a passing grade for a course.

  • 2.

    “Person-first” language (e.g., “Student with Down Syndrome” rather than “Down Syndrome student;” “Johnny who happens to have Down Syndrome” rather “My Down Syndrome student”) must be used throughout all written and oral assignments and discussions.

  • 3.

    Word process all written documents. Keep a copy of all of your work. You will want these copies for your records and for future use as professional portfolio entries. Please read this site on plagiarism and verify to your instructors that you commit to these ethical writing responsibilities http://unitproj1.library.ucla.edu/col/bruinsuccess/03/02.cfm

  • 4.

    Complete and hand in all assignments on the due dates for full credit. If you have extraordinary circumstances that impact completion of your assignments, please let the instructor(s) know. Any time that you have questions or concerns, please contact the instructor(s) immediately.

  • 5.

    Participate in class discussions and group activities and demonstrate positive interpersonal skills with classmates and guests.


Select a class “buddy” to ensure that you receive handouts and information when you

must miss class. Buddy: Telephone: e-mail:

Fax: Address:


Task Stream Electronic Portfolio. Students must register online for TaskStream access for a minimum of one year. Additional years are recommended. Fees are paid online at www.TaskStream.com. This is a requirement of every credential candidate. Candidates learn how to use this site in EDUC 422. Students will post selected assignments and make reflective comments in response to the Teacher Performance Expectations and/or the Education Specialist Level I Preliminary standards identified by the instructors.

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