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Activities and instructional methods for realizing objectives:

class discussions

guest speakers demonstrations

group work


web site access videos written reflections

readings in texts study guides

“base team” meetings

Evaluation of attainment of these knowledge bases and skills:

attendance collaborative activities assessment outcomes group presentation

punctuality study guide responses web site hits “base team” meeting minutes and products participation in class

V. Course Features

Authorization to Teach English Learners This credential program has been specifically designed to prepare teachers for the diversity of languages often encountered in California public school classrooms. The authorization to teach English learners is met through the infusion of content and experiences within the credential program, as well as additional coursework. Students successfully completing this program receive a credential with authorization to teach English learners.

Teacher Performance Expectation (TPE) Competencies

The course objectives, assignments, and assessments have been aligned with CTC standards for the Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Level I Education Specialist Credential. This course is designed to help teachers seeking a California teaching credential to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to assist schools and district in implementing effective programs for all students. A successful candidate will be able to merge theory and practice in order to realize a comprehensive and extensive educational program for all students. This course requires candidates to demonstrate competence for the following Multiple Subject TPEs and Level I standards:

Education Specialist Level I Preliminary Mild/Moderate Standards

Standard 10: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Practices (Task Stream – Legal Brief) Standard 11: Educational Policy and Perspectives (Task Stream – Institute Reflection) Standard 16: Effective Communication and Collaborative Partnerships

(Task Stream – Base Team Meetings) Standard 25: Characteristics and Needs of Individuals with Mild to Moderate Disabilities


TPE 6D: Special Education Articulating rationale for inclusive education for all students Collaborating with others to plan, teach, and assess students with special characteristics

TPE 12: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Obligations – (Task Stream – Legal Brief) Taking responsibility for student academic learning outcomes Knowing and applying professional and ethical obligations Knowing and applying legal obligations

EDMX 631


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