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TPE 13: Professional Growth (Task Stream – Institute Reflection) Reflection and feedback to improve teaching practice and subject matter knowledge

TPE 15: Social Justice (Legal Brief) Valuing socially equitable teaching, learning, and schooling Incorporating pluralism and divergent perspectives on educating diverse students Democratizing public education to achieve social justice and equity

Students with Disabilities Requiring Reasonable Accommodations Students must be approved for services by providing appropriate and recent documentation to the Office of Disable Student Services (DSS). This office is located in Craven Hall 5205, and can be contacted by phone at (760) 750-4905, or TTY (760) 750-4909. Students authorized by DSS to receive reasonable accommodations should meet with their instructor during office hours or, in order to ensure confidentiality, in a more private setting.

VI. Scholastic Requirements

Class Attendance and Participation (40 maximum points) This course consists of 7, 4-hour (plus break) class sessions and attendance at the Eighth Annual Summer Leadership Institute on the evening of July 13th and the days of July 14 and 15th. Attendance at and active participation in each of the 7 classes and 3 institute days is worth a maximum of 4 points per class/day. th

Regular and punctual attendance is required. This class is interactive in nature, and the in- class experiences and discussions are difficult if not impossible to recreate. Additionally, each class member is expected to practice exemplary collaborative teaming and participatory behavior. To reinforce the program’s commitment to the development of professional interpersonal skills, students earn points each class for: a) arriving on time; b) returning from breaks on time; c) staying for all of the class; d) fully participating and cooperating with classmates, instructors, and guests in accordance with agreed-upon “base team” and class norms; and e) completing and sharing weekly reflections. Participants who arrive late, departs early, engage a ”non-collaborative” behavior, or fail to have assignments/reflections prepared on time can expect to receive less than the maximum points for a class.

Summer Leadership Institute and Weekly Reading Reflection (20 maximum points) Participants will prepare three written reading reflections (10 points). In addition, a written reaction to each of the keynotes and sessions attended at the institute is due the 9th class meeting (10 points). The quality of this and all written work for this course will be judged according to at least the following criteria:

a) use of respectful, professional, “person first” (i.e., Jacque who has Cerebral Palsy versus "the CP kid") language;

  • b)

    correctness of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical usage of language;

  • c)

    organization, comprehensiveness, and professional appearance of the product;

  • d)

    evidence of higher order thinking (e.g., analysis, synthesis, application, evaluation); and

  • e)

    connection with other readings, lectures, workshops, discussions, and experiences.

Base Team Meetings (20 maximum points)

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