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Syllabus content

Teaching and learning activities



a novel or film, the structure of a poem, the set of a play, and links in a webpage

Students learn about:

1.17 features of texts that can be represented in graphical form to enable deeper understanding of meaning

Students learn about:

11.20 reflection strategies such as learning logs, journals, letters to teachers and peers, guided discussion

the themes in the story.

Each student writes a half-page reflection statement, explaining the elements of their collage, i.e. reasons for their choice of visuals, colour, layout and quotes, and how these represent the theme.

Homework task: Using the illustration on page 39, students make a scale model of a boat similar to Hector’s one. Materials may include wood, paddlepop sticks, metal, clay or papier mache.

Student self-assessment Teacher feedback

Teacher feedback

Peer assessment


Students learn to:

1.3 compose imaginative, factual and critical texts for different purposes, audiences and contexts

Students learn about:

6.12 textual and visual conventions for composing dialogue

Students learn about:

4.7 the effectiveness of specific language forms and features and structures of texts for different purposes, audiences and contexts and for specific modes and mediums

Students learn about:

9.10 narrative techniques in

Additional content

Students, using the information in Chapter 3, create Hector’s report card, using the school’s normal Year 8 Report pro-forma.

Students write the transcript of the conversation between Juan and the taxi-driver which occurred on their way to the beach in Chapter 7.

Students write a police report that would have been made after the “goldfish” incident.

Students view Don Bluth’s 1986 film An American Tail.

Viewing is guided by the teacher. Focus on how the immigrant experience is shaped by the techniques employed by the director, through analysis of one or two scenes.

School report form

An American Tail, Disney, 1986

Rated: G

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