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8.5 the ways in which meaning is shaped by form, structure, style, personal perspective and by the composer’s purpose and audience

Students learn about:

9.7 the ways in which ‘story’ creates a world within which characters interact and shape action

Students learn to:

7.1 locate, assess, select, synthesise and use information, ideas and arguments from texts

Students learn about:

1.11 the ideas, information, perspectives and points of view presented in imaginative, factual and critical texts

Students learn to:

1.9 demonstrate understanding of the complexity of meaning in texts

Students learn to:

1.10 describe and explain qualities of language in their own and others’ texts that contribute to the enjoyment that can be experienced in responding and composing.

Students learn about:

Ask students, in their pairs, to consider the plot structure of the story by labelling their plot sequence with the terms orientation, complication(s), climax(es) and resolution.

Make students aware that there are a number of ways to sequence a narrative. Illustrate with a short stories related in theme to The Lion and the Lamb.

Explore the variations in narrative structure and techniques.


Name the main characters in the story.

Ask students to make a list of words for each character describing them. These words may relate to physical appearance, personality or actions.

How do we learn about characters in a story?

Through their actions, what they say about themselves and what other characters say about them, Worksheets 4 & 5


The action of the novel takes place in Hector’s apartment building and its surrounding areas. Working in pairs, use Worksheet 6 to explore the main settings of the story or students may scan the novel themselves for references to settings. All students then write a description of Hector’s physical world including references to the main settings.

Teacher selected short stories, for example:

All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury

The Perfect Murder by Renate Yates

Stories from Other Voices, A Cross-Cultural Communication Workbook, Ruth Wajnryb.

Worksheet 4

Learning about characters through dialogue

Worksheet 5

Contrast in The Lion and the Lamb

Worksheet 6


Students show their understanding of the characters in the story through completion of Worksheets 4 & 5

Students show that they can locate information to write a description.

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