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Students learn about:

6.10 the structures and features of imaginative texts including characterisation, setting, tension and climax, chronology and time, narrative voice, effective beginnings and endings

Students learn to:

2.2 use and adapt the processes of planning, drafting, rehearsing, responding to feedback, editing, and publishing to compose texts over time

Students learn to:

4.2 create and ensure coherence of medium, form and content through specific language conventions and vocabulary appropriate to particular subject matter or contexts

Students learn to:

6.4 use the features and structures of imaginative texts to compose their own texts and engage their audience

Students learn to:

3.3 use the features of information and communication technologies, including word processing, importing and manipulating of graphics, and formatting to compose a variety of texts for different purposes

Student compositions

Teacher models context, purpose, audience and language structures and features of each type of composition.

Students write:

a diary entry that Anna might have written after the lift broke down in the apartment block

a newspaper item on the aftermath of the soccer match (pages 53-8) using word processing and importing graphics.

Note: Students choose one composition to polish and present for marking and teacher feedback.

Worksheet 10

What’s in a diary?

Worksheet 11

Writing a newspaper item

Refer to the New technology in the classroom unit by Westfields Sports High School.

Access to computers with word processing and graphics.

Students choose one composition to polish and present for marking and teacher feedback.

Assessed for use of factual language and successful importing of a graphic or image.

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