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It was suggested that the question was rephrased as follows:

“Has anyone yelled at you or spoken to you in a way you did not like?”

Question 6: Although this question was chosen as one of the five most relevant questions, some participants felt that “be- ing taken advantage of” is normal in the Brazilian context and, therefore, a doctor should not bother asking this question.

An alternative to the question was sug- gested:

“Do you feel that anyone is taking advan- tage of you?”

Question 7: e participants felt that this question was one of the most important (in contrast to the PHC professionals, who disputed the relevance of this question), as in the Brazilian context it is often taken for granted that older people contribute to the family income with their money. e ex- pression “financially dependent” should be replaced with “Is there anyone who depends on your money or who needs your money?”

  • e least important questions were

Questions 2, 10 and 12.

Focus groups with PHC professionals

A total of 38 health professionals who worked in PHC settings took part in the study; 28 were physicians and 10 social workers. Of the health professionals, 85% were female and 15% were male. Most lived in urban areas (92%); the remainder lived in the suburbs.

  • e physicians chose Questions 4, 11, 5, 8,

and 12 and 6 (equally) as the most relevant (in order of relevance).

Question 4: is question explains what daily basic needs are. e term “adequate living space” was difficult to understand and could be replaced with “place to live”. Regarding the second part of the question, “isolated event” could be simplified with “Did it happen more than once?”.

Question 5: is is a very important ques- tion that nevertheless needs some sim- plification. e term “unfairly” should be replaced with “for no reason”.

Suggestions for rephrasing this question include the following:

“Has anyone close to you yelled at you or spoken to you in a way you did not like, or made you sad, shamed or afraid?”

“Is there anyone at your home who usually yells at you or loses their patience/temper with you?”

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