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  • ere were two focus groups, each with

nine participants; six nurses shared their comments in written form. Before attend- ing the discussion, each of the nurses ap- plied the 12 questions to 10 older patients.

  • e professionals selected Questions 4, 5, 8,

9 and 11 as the most relevant.

Question 4: is question was considered very relevant. Its wording, however, is not appropriate, since it is too long and needs to be more specific. Terms such as “ad- equate living space” and “health aids” are too technical. Furthermore, basic needs such as food are mixed up with secondary needs such as hearing aids. To simplify the wording, the question could be rephrased as follows (selection):

“Has anyone denied you food, clothing or housing to live?”

“Do you feel that someone has intentionally denied you basic elements such as clothing and medication?”

Question 5: In order to detect psychologi- cal abuse, this question is very important, considering the high frequency of psycho- logical abuse at a family level. e question was considered to be too long and confus- ing, however. e following suggestions were made to simplify the question:

“Do you feel that someone close to you has verbally abused you?”

“Are you shouted at in your home?”

“Has a family member treated you badly, shouted or raised their voice to you, used swear words or embarrassed you?”

“Has someone close to you spoken to you in a way that upset you?”

Question 8: is question can be com- bined with Question 6.

Question 9: is question polarized the participants. Some participants thought the question was essential as it tackles alco- hol dependence, which is one of the main sources of intrafamilial violence. e other participants considered the question to be very subjective, as different people define alcohol dependence differently: For ex- ample, some members of religious organi- zations may consider drinking any alcohol as wrong, whereas people who are alco- hol-dependent may regard drinking large amounts of alcohol as reasonable.

Question 11: is question was thought to be very important as it points to physical abuse. Some alternatives were suggested:

“Has someone hit, pushed or ill-treated you?”

“Has someone hit and/or pushed you at home?”

Questions 2, 6 and 7 can be eliminated.

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