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Question 4 (EASI):

4. Has anyone tried to force you to sign papers or to use your money against your will?

and Question 6 and Question 8 (WHO- CIG focus group questions):

6. Has anyone close to you made you feel that you were being taken advantage of, or prevented you from doing things that were important for your well being, or interfered with you being with the people you wanted to be with?

8. Has anyone that you would trust used or tried to use your money, possessions or property in ways that you did not want, or forced you to sign documents that you did not understand or did not want to sign?

Question 5 (EASI):

5. Has anyone made you afraid, touched you in ways that you did not want, or hurt you physically?

and Question 11 and Question 12 (WHO- CIG focus group questions):

11. Has anyone physically hurt you, for example has hit you, pushed you or has impeded your free movement?

12. To a degree that it upsets you, has anyone touched you in ways you did not like, or made unwanted sexual approach- es?

By looking at the EASI questions, a few comments were made. For Question 2 it was mentioned that types of deprivation depend on the cultural context and may need modifications. Furthermore, it was discussed whether “sad” should be included in Question 3, but the project group decid- ed that “sad” is not an emotion that is nec- essarily associated with situations of abuse.

  • e issue of “neglect” was not addressed ad-

equately in the whole questionnaire. It was also suggested to take out all cases of “Has this happened more than once?”. Moreover, a few minor modifications were recom- mended for the EASI (highlighted below in yellow):

Subject No. p p p p p p Doctor No. p p p

Instructions to patients:

I am now going to move to the research study in which you have agreed to take part. (If there is an accompanying person say to her/him: Since the researchers ask that this be done in private, would you please leave us for a few moments?) If accompanying person does not leave, ask questions any- way, but record below his/her presence…I will now ask about life situations or rela- tionships that may have occurred over the last 12 months. While it may be difficult to do, please try to answer each question with only the words Yes or No.

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