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This publication results from the joint research programme “A Global Response to Elder Abuse and Neglect: Building Primary Health Care Capacity to Deal with the Problem Worldwide” undertaken by the World Health Organization Ageing and Life Course Programme (WHO/ALC) and the Center for interdisciplinary Gerontology at the University of Geneva (CiG-UNiGE). The project was initiated and supervised by Dr Alexandre Kalache, Coordinator of the WHO Ageing and Life Course unit, and by Professor Charles-Henri Rapin, Adjunct Professor at the University of Geneva/University Hospital of Geneva. Ms Karina Kaindl coordinated the project and wrote this report under the direction of the project supervisors.

The project received technical and financial support from the Department of Noncommunicable and Chronic Diseases and the Family and Community Health Cluster of WHO and from CiG-UNiGE. Gratefully acknowledged are the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour (iMSERSO) and Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG), which provided funding for the research in Spain and for the costs that emerged for the translation into Spanish, and of the Department for Victorian Communities, which organized, carried out and funded the research in Australia.

The study coordinators wish to warmly thank their research partners from Montreal who pro- vided the set of questions and the Social Work Evaluation Form originally devised and piloted by them, both tested within this project.1 The Montreal team has also generously provided the focus group research protocol used locally and their expert advice. Special thanks are due to the older people, primary health care (PHC) professionals and social workers who took part in the national studies of the participating countries. Gratefully acknowledged are the technical contributions of our research experts, evaluators, country coordinators, focus group facilitators and reviewers.2

The generous financial support for the completion of this study and publication of this report was provided by the Geneva international Academic Network (GiAN; http://www.ruig-gian.org). GiAN is an international research network founded by the University of Geneva, the Graduate institute of international Studies (GiiS) and the Graduate institute of Development Studies (GiDS). its main objective is to create synergies among various entities, principally academic institutions and international organizations, through support for policy-relevant research in the service of peace and justice.

  • 1.

    The team consists of researchers Mark Yaffe (McGill University and St Mary’s Hospital Centre), Maxine Lithwick (CSSS René-Cassin) and Christina Wolfson (McGill University and Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital).

  • 2.

    A list of the research experts, evaluators and country coordinators can be found on pp. 33–34.

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